Thursday, January 14, 2010

Children questions....

You guys are know that?!

In this post, I asked you for some questions. Questions you might have about me. And boy did you come through! I am going to enjoy answering them as the days go on. Today, I am going to start with the questions about children.

So here we go...

What do you find most challenging about motherhood?

I think that what I find most challenging would be that they didn't come with a manual!! And just when you think you have gotten your kids figured out, they move into a new stage which is totally foreign to you.

How do you handle chores for your kids? And how did you handle them when they were younger?

When my children were small, I divided chores into 2 categories. First, there were chores that you did just because you were part of the family. Those would be things like making your bed, cleaning your room, picking up after yourself. Second, there were chores that you did for an allowance. These would be things like emptying the dishwasher, setting the table, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, etc. My kids started out with one or two age appropriate chores at 6 for an allowance....usually emptying the dishwasher, setting the table, basic dusting.

At first the kids got 50 cents a week allowance. When Alyssa was around 8, I read a book "money doesn't grow on trees". It was a secular book that gave help in teaching your kids the value of money. It's a great book. It talked about kids receiving their age/month in allowance. That is what we followed and broke it down by week.
So if they are 8, they get $2/week.

Each year on their birthday, they would get a new chore and a raise in their allowance.
We had the kids decorate 3 jars (also from the book)....spending, saving and tithing. They had to put 10% in savings and tithing and the rest could go into the spending jar.

One last thing, you had to complete ALL your chores to receive your allowance. If you missed even one allowance. It really only took one time of missing their money to get their chores done!!! :)

Let's hear about some funny things your kids said/did when they were little.

This is a hard one because of my menopause brain.....I can barely remember last week, let alone 15+ years ago!!!

But one thing that popped into my head happened when we lived in North Dakota. Alyssa was about 4 years old and we were flying home to see my family. She was in the window seat and giving me a blow by blow of the take off........mommy, we're going real slow right now, mommy we are going faster, now we're going really fast mommy....and then as the plane took off into the air, she gasped and yelled "mommy..we're going to see JESUS!"

The lady behind me leaned forward and said "let's hope it's not today".

What do you love the most about the age each of your kids is at right now? The least?

My kids are currently 16, 18 and 20. What I love the most about age 20 is our relationship. We have moved from a "parent/teaching" roll to a parent/supporter roll...which is awesome. What I like the least about age 20 is that she lives so far away and I miss her terribly.

What I love about that he is planning to go to college! :) No really, I love that he doesn't mind showing me affection any more! I also love seeing his faith become his own. Seeing him do things to please God and not us....that is awesome! What I like the least is........ senioritis.

What I love about 16 is that he is my last to teach to drive....whew! What I like least about 16 is that I am still teaching him how to drive!! I also love the independence that starts with this age. Though this one is a homebody, there is some freedom for me that comes with them becoming independent!!

That's all for the children questions. Thanks guys, that was fun!

I hope you enjoyed it too....and maybe learned something that will help you as you walk this path of parenthood!


Darla said...

those are good questions and answers, i racked my brain trying to think of a question to ask you that day! my question now is 'did you get any crazy questions that you didn't answer?' lol. just kidding. have a good day Sara!

Mocha with Linda said...

The airplane story is adorable! Too funny!

I think your 16-year-old and mine have a lot in common!

StephieAnne said...


Such great wisdom!! And, LOVE the airplane story - that's priceless!


SmilingSally said...

You should've stretched this out over 4 posts, Sara. Good job!

Sara said...

Loved loved loved this post! I agree with Sally, I know I sure could use some wisdom every week!
What you got a a kid that refuses to potty train? I'm talking Sticker charts, candy treats, timers, timeouts, toys taken away, talking, pleading, yelling, spanking, reward toys....Nothing, I mean nothing works. Just this week he peed on my couch, and that same day, he was grounded from TV and his smart cycle, confined to his room other then meals, he pooped in his pants. Not because he thought he couldn't come out and USE the bathroom...just "because". GRRRRR.
I'll trade ya for a month, I'll teach yours to drive (I got snow and ice, he can gain valuable skills up here.) And you can try your magic on Nick. Do we have a deal?

Jill said...

Great fun Sara!

Hey, thanks for the cool comment at The Glen this challenge me friend! LOVE IT!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Great tip about allowances! We've been trying to decide how best to handle things here.

Cathy said...

Very wise answers and I love the airplane story too!

Karin said...

Love the allowance idea. We aren't doing that right now with our kids--maybe I will start. :) Love the funny story!!

Melissa said...

LOVE the airplane story. This is a great post.