Monday, January 11, 2010

Are you curious?

Last night, as I was trying to come up with a blog post, I realized.....I got nothin'!

I have several things in my life that are taking all the brain cells I have to get the job done. Which being in the throws of menopause.....there aren't many there to use right now! And unfortunately, that leaves no more to have to think of what to blog about.

So, I decided to copy an idea I saw at my new friend and fellow Arkansan, Meredith at Life at 7000 feet.

She was feeling blah about blogging and asked her readers for some help. She asked them to ask her some questions and she would answer them on her blog.


Here's your chance to ask me a question. Anything you're curious about? Ask away!

Like Meredith, I do reserve the right to censor and/or not answer a question. But I know ya'll will be nice! will ask won't you?


..................anybody there?


Maria said...

Good morning! I'll help you out:
1. What's your favorite appetizer, main dish, and dessert to cook?

2. Any places you dream of traveling to?

3. What's your all time favorite book? What book have you hated?

4. What do you find most challenging about motherhood?

5. Any regrets in life?

I'll check back tonight to see what others have asked.

SmilingSally said...

I'm answering, Sara, rather than asking. You can find Ikea online.

Karin said...

I got nuthin in the area of questions, but I'll be checking back to see what others ask and which ones you choose to answer. :) HUGS!!

Christine said...

I have one because of where I am in life! How do you handle chores for your kids? And how did you handle them when they were younger? At 11 and 7, M and C are just given random chores when I need them done. I've tried assigning certain chores for certain days, but have never found the perfect way to do this. I just want them to learn good habits and teach them responsibility. Any ideas?

Cathy said...

I'll have to think on this and get back to you. I'm in that same stage you are and have trouble coming up with stuff for blog posts. I may have to start asking these question on my blog too. lol

Mocha with Linda said...

My question: Did you know there's a giveaway on my blog today?! LOL

Sounds like you need to join the Random Dozen on Wednesday at 2nd Cup of Coffee!

Anonymous said...

What's the hardest thing about being in the ministry? What's the best thing? And how can those of us in the body offer practical support to families serving in the ministry?

BTW I thought your lion's mouth was totally awesome. Made me want to be a kid in your church!

LuAnn said...

I never no what to write on the other blog - I think it always sounds dumb. Then I read others and think where do they come up with that. Guess I am not creative enough. I have even thought of getting rid of it and just keeping my picture blog.
I think I am no help here.
My question to you is what is your favorite childhood memory !

Melissa said...

Let's hear about some funny things your kids said/did when they were little. You know you didn't write them ALL down (no one does or can). So, think of the ones you can and lets hear 'em! This way you will have atleast some of them documented as well.

Beverlydru said...

I have an easy one... inspired by Pioneer Woman's Recipe book and her list of kitchen essentials, what's on your list?
I KNOW you are a good cook and I love learning. I'm using kosher salt per her recommendation and LOVAE it!

Beverlydru said...

I also like the favorite book question but I'll go for "top 5".

Elizabeth said...

What do you love the most about the age each of your kids is at right now? The least?

i love my kids' ages right now and it's hard to imagine them being 16, 18, 20. Tell me all the good things!

Lisa said...

One I've wondered from time to seem to post and read quite a bit on Sunday do you do that with all your church stuff?

What is your favorite time of day?

I know I've got more...if I think of any, I'll let you know!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

I didn't read through the other comments, so this may have already been asked...

What is your favorite book of all-time? Fiction and Non-Fiction

What Bible study have you done that had a huge impact on your life?

What do you usually eat for breakfast?