Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just a few....

Essential Oil testimonies from people in my downline.

Have you been hearing about Essential Oils and wondering what they are all about?  

Do you wonder if they really do work?

They do!!

Here are just a few testimonies from me, my friends and family in my downline using YL EOs that I thought I would share:

* my daughter has been struggling with sinus pressure and what she feared was the start of a sinus infection.  I had her dip a Q-tip in some olive oil with a drop of purification and then rub it inside her nose several times during the day.  This was her response at the end of just ONE day:  The purification in the nose is my new favorite trick!!  My sinuses feel SO much better!  And I was surprised that even though I put the purification in my nose, I don't feel the smell was over powering!

* my friend's husband suffers from sinus pressure migraines.  This is what she wrote to me recently:  using Pan Away and M-Grain are the only thing that gives my husband relief from terrible sinus pressure headaches...more effective than Rx strength Naproxen Sodium, Tylenol, Advil or Percocet!  Pass it on!

*Sleepease.  This is a supplement from YoungLiving.  I earned a free one and decided to try it while my husband is out of town (I never sleep well while he is gone...waking up with any noise I hear)  I LOVE it.  I have slept soundly each night and do not wake up feeling groggy.  I have never had success with melatonin and so I was a bit skeptical about this product but I really feel it has helped give me a good nights sleep!

*NingXia nitro.  I sent a box of these back with my son to school.  He is taking 18 hours+ and his schedule is quite daunting.  He has many long days and has said that the Nitros give him the energy he needs to get through with out any gitters or crashes.  He also feels the Nitros are helping with low blood pressure drops that he sometimes suffers from!  I love having these because they are small and fit in my purse to have any time I need them!

*I have been having some trouble with an ear ache.  I haven't been able to pin point what is causing it.  As I have done some research, I read about dabbing a Q-tip dipped in coconut oil and thieves inside your ear....for earache, mold in the ear, irritation....and it worked!!  my ear is feeling much better in just 2 days!

*during these dry winter days with the heater on, do you suffer from dry itchy skin or eczema?  I have been using the supplement sulferzyme each morning and evening and find that my itching skin has improved dramatically!!  Especially since I have to take several hot showers a day to work out my frozen shoulder...doesn't help the skin!!  but the sulferzymes are really working.

*my friend recently burned her hand on the oven element.  She put lavender on it right away and then several times during the the end of the day she could not even see the burn!  She also used it on a burn to the roof of her mouth!  Though the taste is not great, it quickly brought relief!

Remember these pictures of my MIL's hand?  She had fallen and pulled the skin back and when I got there it was red and angry looking and very painful!  I just let the lavender drop on her hand 3 times a day....

Just TWO days later we saw amazing results!!!

*my mom suffers from neuropathy on her feet from type 1 diabetes.  She is using nutmeg on her feet and has not had any trouble with it at night since she starting using the nutmeg!

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Rebecca Jo said...

When I suffered with neuropathy, I don't think I have ever been more miserable in my life. I need to order some Nutmeg in case I have a flare up.