Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project 365

Well, to be honest I am feeling overwhelmed and behind in all aspects of my life.  The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions....and it seems to continue.

I have wanted to post about Christmas, the Santa, our giving gifts and more, but have not had time....having no power for a week didn't help!!!  This week, as my husband drives Jared back to school, I hope to find time to write those.

My week, last week, ended with a gorgeous wedding.  And seeing a beautiful young woman I have known since her birth marry the love of her life.  What a JOY to be part of it!!!

The next day, after all the family and guests left, her mother and I just relaxed around the house and tried to clean a little and NOT eat any more wedding cake!  :)  I made them all wings to go with the football game....delish!

Monday was a struggle for me. It's always sad to leave my friends who I wish I still lived close to.  But Alyssa and I spent the day on the road heading home.

this picture at a rest stop cracked me up.  duh?

Tuesday was sort of depressing for me.  Hard to come back into reality from a great trip with friends.  So I laid low most of the day.  

Wednesday, my new iPod I got for my birthday wouldn't work...ugh.  But I have to say that the service I got at the Apple store was awesome and I was handed a new iPod and sent on my way!!

Thursday, Jared and I had a mother/son day before he goes back to college. We had lunch at one of his favorite place to eat.

Friday I worked on my new Christmas antique wooden tool box.  I saw this at an antique store in AZ when we were there in Sept.  Steve worked it out to get it for me and completely surprised me!!!  I love it!! And I love how it turned out in my foyer!

Last night we had so much fun playing Euchre with Alyssa and Jared and just enjoyed some family time.  But Jared woke me up in the middle of the night with severe stomach pain.  We tried several things but nothing worked.  By morning when he was bent over in pain, we decided to take him to the ER.  After several hours (as in 5) and tests, the doctor decided to admit him over night.  His appendix looked normal and they think it is viral but just want to make sure.   So hard to watch your kids in pain!

So, I am currently sitting in the same hospital I sat with my niece just a few short months ago.  He is feeling a bit better and it is looking more and more like a bad strain of the flu.   I suspect we will be released tomorrow.  He is supposed to leave for college on Monday, but we will have to see about that.  Not that I wouldn't be happy to have him for a few more days, but there are better ways to achieve that I think!!!

Well, that's my week.  If you aren't already joining us...head over to Fransmama's and share your week in pictures!


rita said...

Love what you did with the tool box.
Pobrecito, Jared. Too much food +Euchre???
Praying Jared feels better and that you have a restful week to restore your spirits.

Angie said...

Oh, Sara, you've certainly had your fill of the down side of life these past few months. I pray 2013 will be restful and full of sweet memories!

Hope Jared is better very soon. The flu this year is awful!

The week without power takes a toll. I didn't feel back to normal for a few months. Every time the lights flickered I panicked a little. Give it time.

Glad to see you around the P365. I hope to make it past the halfway mark this year. :)

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow - your week had the extremes, from starting with the joy of the wedding to ending up in the hospital with Jared. Hope he's up and about quickly!

Kim said...

Talk about your highs and lows--from wedding to the hospital! Praying Jared recovers quickly. Should we pray for some normalcy in your life?! :)
Do hope you have a good week!

semperfi said...

Hope you son is feeling better & get well very quickly. I understand your low - my youngest went back to college on Friday, it came to quickly.

Lisa said...

That is a jam-packed week of emotions! Hope it all slows down for you a bit in the next couple days.

skoots1mom said...

what a schizo week you've had, for sure...hoping this next week goes better!

momma frans said...

Ugh, what a week! Praying this one is much better. On a side note....if you're cooking, I'll organize. I can be there in....8 hours? Can I bring my kids? ;-)

The Bug said...

LOL at Momma Frans - she needs to come to MY house (oh, except I don't cook darn it).

If I were you I would just be totally exhausted - all that emotion & taking leave of people... Here's hoping that this week is much calmer.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I am glad that Jared is on the mend, you are right it is so hard so see our babies in pain ...

Chicken wings are a weakness for me. I just love them!

loved the antique tool box, and the wedding. Several years ago I was able to help with my oldest friends daughters wedding, it is a very tender moment watching a little one you watched grow up get married!



Love the tool box idea. I think I have one at my dad's. I need to check on it. Sorry to hear about Jared. I hope he is much better. Weddings are so precious....and you are right it is especially so if it is a child you have known since day one.