Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Framents

I am joining in with Friday can join in too, here

**Well, I am at the end of my week "by myself" and have not accomplished all that I wanted to.  I had hoped to post on somethings that I've been meaning to share, but have spent most of the week just unwinding and enjoying the alone time.

**One thing I did accomplish was spending quality time with God and finding my direction again.  At the start of the week, I really had nothing left to give anyone.  But having this time with God, alone, this week has filled my tanks!!

**all my "chicks" are back in school.  Makes me happy and sad at the same time.

**I completely cleaned out my pantry this week and organized it!  So proud of myself and when I showed it to my "first born" daughter and said "look how organized it is!  All my soups, etc are in one place and I can find things"........she just looked at me and said "Mom, that is really not "organized".  Your soups are not in alphabetical order"

**my daughter so dumped on my parade.

**I will never be truly organized.

**I'm ok with that.  :)


Jill from Killeny Glen said...

HI Sara! GOOD FOR YOU....the time with God AND the organized pantry! WHO says that alphabetical is BETTER!????

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my gosh... getting the pantry together is the most AWESOME thing you can do on your own. I would HAVE to be alone to do that.... if someone got in my mojo, I'd throw a can or two :)

rita said...

Oh, no! My soups are NOT organized!
Thanks for pointing out my flaws. ;-)

So glad for your week to recoup physically, mentally spiritually!

Life in a Small Town said...

Organizing your pantry is a BIG deal! I need to get mine done...someday! Once upon a time, my spices were in alphabetical order. Then I used them. :)
Have a good weekend!

April's adventure said...

YOU!!!! organized your pantry???? You go girl!!!! So Proud! Can't wait to see what Steve says

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

for the record...soup does NOT need to be alphabetized..just saying!

Having just organized my own pantry I can fully embrace the joy in knowing that I know where everything is and I ended my session with the triumph of knowing that I did NOT find three hidden bottles of soy sauce (like I did last time)I cleaned out my pantry:)

I do however have enough rice, dried beans and egg noodles for the next few years I think!


Sara@iSass said...

I will never be organized either. I pin SO many "tips" on Pinterest and all I ever get around to is the recipes.
It's sad really.
Side note: I know that I've been pretty random with blog reading, did I miss the blog post about Christmas? I read about you not having electricity...OUCH! I loved how creative you got though. You should go on survivor!
I always look forward to reading your Christmas "gifts" posts. I start looking forward to them in August! (No kidding)

LuAnn said...

Joel wants me to do that with the soup. I told him feel free.

Glad you had some recoup time too.

Blessing friend !!!

Bee said...

Soups in alphabetical order. Wow. That never occurred to me, but now....

Mrs4444 said...

To have all soups on one side of the pantry would be a win for me, too.

A week alone would be scary for most people, I think. I'm happy for you :)

You have a gorgeous family!

It's great to "meet" you. Thanks for linking up!

Doreen said...

Hi Sarah it is nice to meet you via Friday Fragments.
Yikes would I ever love to have a week alone. I do get plenty of alone time but it is more like a few hours a day...
I just cleaned out and organized my pantry and my fridge. It feels so good to have it done:) I will be traveling next week but when I get back I am going to clean out, organize and redecorate my office. I am so excited to get started.
After years of trying to make time my husband and I both start our day with God. We get up an hour earlier which was very hard in the beginning but I love it now. It makes such a difference in the direction of our day.
Have a blessed weekend, I look forward to getting to know you.

Lisa said...

Gosh...sounds like you and I would have benefited from having coffee together earlier in the week. I'm better now, but definitely a draining and extra god time week.

Cathy said...

So glad you had that time with the Lord. It can make all the difference.

We did our pantry a few months ago and no, it's not in alphabetical order either. But it sure does make it easier just being in groups together. Love it!!

Tettelestai said...

Hahahaha, we have the same daughter! I give you high marks for organzing your pantry!! I can't keep my looking decent, but then again, I have kids at home. Many mess making assistants here.

God time is excellent! the only place to find refreshment and fulfillment. But also so easy to sidestep at times. I hope your week goes well!

lindsey said...

I have just come to your blog via the comment you left on my daughters blog...little fingersandfrosting. I have enjoyed reading through your posts and looking at you photo's...I will visit again soon!