Saturday, December 8, 2012

Project 365 - Week 49

Week 49.

I so love this time of year!  My house is fully decorated and I just enjoy looking at it.  I love listening to Christmas music and it all just makes me happy!  I thought I might post some pictures of my house and my decorations this week just to share...anyone want to join me?  Maybe Wednesday?

After a lot of thinking, I have decided that this is my last year to do P365.  With my kids gone, it gets harder to remember to take pictures!  I am so happy I have the last 4 years in book form for them to have, but it's becoming more work than fun it seems.  So, I am throwing it out there to see if someone would like to take it over.  It's very easy to build a link, even I can teach you, and I would love to join in when I can.  Any takers?

Here's my week:
 Today after church in the afternoon, we had our first MOPS stop n shop.  It was a lot of fun and a great way to get some Christmas shopping done.  And of course support our MOPS program.

 Today was a tough day for me.
I almost didn't go to bible study tonight because I didn't have my lesson done and just wanted to curl up at home.  But I am SO glad I didn't because our lesson just spoke directly to my heart! So very sweet.

 tonight our monthly women's program at church had a cookie exchange.  It was so fun and very delicious!!!

 Alyssa came over and helped me make chocolate spoons for my tea next week.

Someone is very confused with all these warm temps we are having!!!

Tonight we had our annual International Fellowship Outreach (IFO) Christmas Party.  We had over 250 international students and their families at our church for a Christmas dinner and program.  This is one of my favorite things of the season.  To have people from all races and religions in our church, side by side enjoying each other.  very special!

Alyssa's friends from college, Mindy and John, just moved to LR. John is in the air force. We enjoyed having them over for dinner tonight and teaching them Settlers of Catan.  Alyssa is very excited to have them in town! 

Hope your beginning of Dec was wonderful!  show us what you have been up to!


StephieAnne said...

I just sent a FB message your way with all of the info for that salted caramel cheesecake. I hope you like it!

I understand your decision to have this be your last 365 year. With Whitley around, it's so hard to get the posts up until the weekend these days, so I find myself feeling more like a "365" post with the week-end recaps (though I'm not consistent enough to make it happen every week).

Glad you had some good game-playing fun this weekend. OF COURSE, I'm loving the Christmas music and decor too! =)

Lisa said...

I know... I love all the sights and sounds, too!!

I know fore sure I will continue 365. Though I get why you aren't doing it, it is very fitting for my life right now, I couldn't be without it!

However, it's the same issue I have with linking to yours. At this point my blog reading is very limited and I'd feel so bad having people linked that I don't go visit.

I really, really, really hope you plan to continue to post though!!

Those spoons look so fun! Glad you get Alyssa time in pretty consistently.

RaD said...

I had to stop 365 because it got too much for me, so I understand. However, with you guys wanting to do foster care, you might want to still think about taking pictures that make up your day. Those would be special stories!

I e-mailed you regarding the photobucket thing for your blog. Did you get it? My e-mail is rad3321 at aol dot com if you are still interested.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

The moment you begin to think something is not fun or even a burden that is a sure sign that it is time to walk away.

I may be interested, I will be praying about it and get back to you. I know the linky thing is easy, but I have never done it before...

Loved the chocolate spoons!


momma frans said...

I'd be willing to take over the link, but I'm not so good with the technological side of things, so I'd need you to explain to me how to do it.

I love cookie exchanges!! Those look delicious!
It still VERY warm here. We're averaging about 82 degrees. Where is our winter?!?

Kim said...

I can understand your decision to take a break from P365. I've been struggling with that decision myself. Especially knowing we'll be going to the states for 4 months, and knowing how it was last time when I was doing well to post once a month while we were there.

But I hope you don't stop blogging altogether! I realize you probably can't include photos of foster kids, or use their real names, but I think you'll have lots of blog fodder with what the kids do/say :)

I'm drooling over the cookie exchange photos :) It's soooo hot I can't even think about baking right now, although I did whip up a batch of no-bakes on my birthday. I was craving chocolate and that was the easiest way I could think of to "scratch that itch". haha

So you know your chocolate spoons and candy canes made me realize there are other ways to get a chocolate fix :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Have a wonderful week!

The Bug said...

Yum those cookies look great! I'll bet the chocolate spoons are great too. Makes me wish I liked chocolate!

Oops - I already shared a lot of our Christmas decorations in my p365 post. But I'm sure I could come up with more to post on Wednesday :)

I've just about decided to not do P365 next year. I REALLY need to take a step back from all things electronic & I think this might be a good step. We'll see - Mike & I enjoy sharing our pictures so much that we might continue anyway.

rita said...

As I saw the list of P365ers dwindle this year I wondered how long it would last. However, i cannot imagine my life without the weekly photo journaling.
Was glad to be reminded of Norwex in one photo. i finally placed an order!
Love the IFO ministry!
Blessings! See ya' soon!


When you visit my site you will see I too went to a cookie exchange on Tuesday. Must have been the cookie night!

LeAnne said...

Sad to see your P365 go, but I agree that when something ceases to be fun it may be time to step away. I'm thankful you introduced me to it.
I'm so glad the IFO Christmas Party went well. It's an incredible experience.
Settlers of Catan!!! Next summer, we seriously have to have game night. We love that game!