Saturday, December 1, 2012

Project 365 - Week 48

Week 48.

As I sit here typing this, I have had the most wonderful weekend so far.....doing absolutely nothing!!!  This is the one and only weekend in the past month or in the month to come where we didn't have one thing on the calendar.....and it was bliss!! I laid around, ordered some gifts on line, laid around, did some cleaning and laid around some more.  yep, bliss.

This last week kept right on pace with this last month......something to do every.single.night...ugh.  I have to say I am not sorry to see November leave and very happy to see December arrive!!

Here's my week:

 So wonderful to see one of my favorite little guys proclaim his faith in Christ and be baptized by his dad after church today!!!  

 Can you believe this is what I paid for gas today!!! Whoop!!!!

 My mom flew in last night and we spent the day making a photo book on shutterfly.  It turned out great and she was thrilled with it!

 Tonight we decorated the church for Christmas.  I always enjoy this night and the church looks beautiful!

 Steve and I went out for dinner at our favorite sushi spot.  But tonight I decided to try one of their platters.....great choice!!!

 So excited to have found a like-new pack-n-play for a great price today!!  This is just one step closer to fostering!!!  We have one more thing to do before we can submit our packet, but can't get to it till January....this is a very long and slow process!!!

It was so sad this morning when I realized it was Dec. 1st and for the first time in many years, I don't have a child at home to start the advent calendar.  sigh.

So, are your decorations up?  are you ready for Christmas?  Link up and show us the end of your November!!!


RaD said...

Oh how I love those weekends of doing nothing that are in the midst of a busy schedule. They are the best!!!

I also love those shutterfly photo books. I bet she can't wait to hold it in her hands.

Funny thing happened tonight that I thought I'd share. I ran out of photo space for my blog too! I knew I was close, but I was a bit put off. Since I don't blog as much anymore I'm not sure it's worth spending money on it, even if it is just a few bucks. I opted to upload to photobucket and link the photos back, which believe it or not was quicker for me anyway. Not sure it that will be the long term or not but was thankdul to have an option anyway.

Have a great week!

Rachel said...

So amazing to see kids have a personal relationship with Christ and decide to be baptized! Whoo hoo!

And WOWZA for that low gas price! :)

And that Bento platter... I always leave your blog hungry, LOL!

And so exciting to be another step closer to fostering! Praying that God is working on your behalf to bring the perfect kids in His perfect timing!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I had a very lazy day yesterday! Love it when that happens.

Great deal on that pack and play!

Our decorations re up and I have one gift ordered, YIKRS! But then shopping and me just don't mix.

Loved the sushi platter, I wish my nubs like sushi...:(


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

and I wish our gas prices were that low!

I love watching young one get baptized....very sweet that his dad got to do it!

Lisa said...

They make the licensing process so painful and trying because that's how the fostering is once you have a kid. SO. MUCH. patience required. So many things out of your control, yet you are intimately involved with it all.

Shutterfly does such a nice job. I ordered calendars on Tuesday and had them by Thursday!

The Bug said...

Oh man I need to do our Shutterfly calendars. It's such a PROCESS because we (Mike) take so many pictures. How to choose just 12? Sigh.

I know that every time you show sushi I talk about how I need to get some, but this week I'm gonna make it happen - I'll send myself an email at work & put it on my calendar!

Kim said...

Your comment about the "long and slow process" made me smile. It seems like everything here involves a long and slow process. hahaha

I can't believe that price for gas! Wow. Gas never goes down here, only up. Regular gas is up to $8 pesos per liter. So glad we use GNC (natural gas) which, for the moment at least, is a lot cheaper.

You need to include some "after" shots of the church all decorated. I love seeing all the Christmas decorations online! :)

Have a great week!

momma frans said...

Less than $3 for gas?!? That's almost worth driving up there for! :-)
Your sushi platter looks wonderful!

Rebecca Jo said...

Love to see little ones baptized by a parent... what a memory for everyone!

Isnt Shutterfly awesome with their photo books. I can make them all day long!


I love Shutterfly, your church tree, the food, and all the other photos. Looks like you had a productive week. God Bless you.

rita said...

My weekend was sooooo intense, that I fell asleep in the church business meeting after the open house ;-)
And I think I need a nap right now!
Look forward to seeing you again!

Bellezza said...

I've never had sushi (I know! And I love Japanese literature so much, as well as origami; you'd think I'd gobble up Japanese food, too!) but I did decorate for Christmas this week. I try not to think about what goes up must come down, and instead enjoy the mood which results after all the work.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement, sweet Sara.