Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I love Christmas.
And I love decorating for Christmas!

Last year, due to circumstances and travel, I only got the minimum out.  So this year....it ALL came out!!  I have had so much fun and wanted to share it with you.

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I have a fairly large collection of Santas....

  These cross stitch are so intricut and tiny.  
A friend of my mom's made them.

 The Santas were hand made by a woman in Indiana.  
Each face is different.

This painting is very special..
Jason painted it for me while in high school.

 And of course, I love my Nativity.

I am SO grateful for Jesus.  
Grateful that He chose to be born a baby.... for me.

This is an ornament I made in 2nd grade!!
There is actually a dried up old cranberry inside!

One of my first Pinterest successes...

 And I love to have little things and bows every where!

This tree was given to us by our friend's at our last church in Indiana.  We moved at Christmas time and each person gave us an ornament to remember them by and the tree to put them on.  The tree skirt was made by my grandmother.

Just a glimpse of my mantel...

That's just a little view into my house and Christmas at the Bowyer's.
Hope you enjoyed it!!
I'd love to see yours!


Angie said...

Beautiful, Sara! My first thought was, "Is there a tree under there?" It made me want to get out more ornaments and keep loading up our trees. Just might!

Everything was lovely!! Merry Christmas.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

very nice! I have pared down my decorations a bit, less temptations for Muffinhead. I only put out the more durable decorations...

LuAnn said...

Your home looks so cozy !!!!

Love so many things, your little tree, the tree skirt, Jason's picture and those cute Santas.

And that is a Pinterest I want to try too.

The Bug said...

Lovely! I'm not linking since my P365 had most of our decorations on it already :)

I cross-stitched a Father Christmas for my mom that looks similar to the ones you have. Except I did it on NAVY fabric with TINY boxes. Can't even imagine doing it today! I started on a second one that I never finished :(

LOVE Jason's painting! Just gorgeous. Did he name it?

Jewel said...

Wow! Everything is so beautiful!!!!! I love how each thing has it's own story, a memory for everything! I don't have a huge collection of Christmas decor, but I do have some special items. This year, I put my nativity scene underneath my Christmas tree... just as a reminder of His life-changing gift. <3

rita said...

Love, love, love everything, and each so meaningful.
I will try to link up tomorrow.