Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Framents

Mommy's Idea 

Today starts my weekend of craziness....

Staff/elder party tonight
Urban YoungLife Christmas party tomorrow night
Christmas Tea Sunday afternoon
 Keel over on Monday

In between all that, I am trying to finish up Christmas because I will be gone most of next week driving to get my son from college.  

My daughter and I spent the afternoon baking together yesterday.  She graduates from grad school in May and the thought of her possibly moving away....well, I can't think about it.  But I am so grateful for the time we have had here with her!!

Middle son got home last laundry room FULL of dirty clothes is my first clue!  I don't think he has done laundry since thanksgiving.

My mom always sends us the most amazing peanuts for Christmas, from a place out east.  They are so good.  Sometimes she sends different flavors.  Jalapeno has been a hit in the past. This year it was a strange combination......Dark chocolate covered peanuts (Steve is in heaven) and Savory Dill Pickle peanuts.  
Yes, you read that right.
No one has been brave enough to try them yet.

If you have been around my blog for a while, you know that my son and I have a Santa we hide from each other........he hasn't shown up yet.  Now that Jason is home.....the games may just begin!!!

Anyone else watching Survivor this season?
Do you think Lisa Welchel has a chance of winning?

I am checking every day for when Les Miserable tickets go on sale.  My family will be going to see it on Christmas day!!  I can.not.wait.  I am also going to TRY to squeeze in seeing The Hobbit this weekend....very excited about that one too!!!  I rarely go to the theatre to see movies, but these are two that have to be seen on the big screen!!!

Ok, I'm off to get one more cup of coffee before the madness begins!!!


LuAnn said...

Hey, Are you new on here???? Will be thinking of you during our madness too. Pray you have an enjoyable weekend :)
Safe travels picking up Jared too.

The Bug said...

Ooh - I'll eat the dill pickle peanuts - they sound fabulous! Just fling them toward Ohio as you drive by next week :)

We can't wait to see Les Mis either - & we haven't been to a movie theater in about 10 years!

Rebecca Jo said...

Tis the season for busy... & laundry :)

I didnt think Lisa would make it past week 1 so to see her in the final 4 - awesome! I'll be happy with any of the final 4 winning!

Bee said...

I don't watch Survivor, but I catch the tail end before Criminal Minds comes on. I thought Lisa looked familiar; now I know it's Blair from Facts of Life lol!

Keetha Broyles said...

I too think you may be new to FF. Welcome! Seems like you will fit right into our little fractured world.