Saturday, November 3, 2012

Project 365 - Week 44

Week 44.

I so enjoyed having my son and his girlfriend here last weekend.  I really miss my kids and having a full dinner table was just wonderful!!  And this week, the JOY and FUN just kept on going!!  Some of my best friends came in for my birthday and we spent a lot of time laughing, playing and eating...a lot!!

Here's my week:

Jason and Andi left this afternoon to head back to school.  
What a great weekend we had!!!

To be honest, I can not even remember what happened on Monday.  I spent a lot of time cleaning, changing sheets and getting ready for new company....I think.

I am so mad I didn't get a picture again today.  Tonight we fed the urban YoungLife group!!  I love serving these kids!  We had about 25 there tonight.  I tried out Pioneer Woman's Spicy Shredded Pork.....amazing!!!

It's Halloween and that means the Bowyers are serving S'mores to the trick or treaters!!!  We have so much fun hanging out with our neighbors and meeting new ones!
This little guy lives across the street....isn't he adorable?!!

 One of my best friends and her husband came in last night.  April and I did a lot of shopping today and got some great deals!!  We ended the day at a new sushi place.

 Today is my birthday!
And it started with my daughter coming over and making me breakfast!!
Then April, Nathan, Steve and I headed to Conway to spend the weekend with our friends, Wendi and Jerry.  Wendi, April and I have been friends for 22 years.

Today we relaxed most of the morning and then worked on a bunch of projects.  First, we made a bunch of origami cranes.....why you ask?  April's daughter is getting married in January and it is an asian theme.  They are getting all their friends to make these cranes as part of the decorations.
 Then we made this sugar hand scrub we found on Pinterest.  Oh my word, it smells great and is a lot like satin hands from Mary Kay!! I love it!
Last we made some ornaments from scrabble pieces.
I'd say that was a very productive day!!

I will be so sad to say goodbye to my friends in the morning!!!  I hate that we live so far apart, but am so thankful to have them in my life!!!

What's going on in your life?


skoots1mom said...

mine's had a great week; it's always wonderful to catch up with friends and have kids home

Lisa said...

Looks so nice!! Good pace, good activities, good people. God is good!!

skoots1mom said...

is the link not working...i have put mine in twice and it doesn't show up...

rita said...

Totally relate to forgetting to take pics some days. Did you notice how i make up for that sometimes ;-)?
Love your Halloween tradition! Our church had a Fun Fest this year and it was very successful.
Friends--what a gift! And I love the things you do together. Great idea and photo of the origami cranes.

The Bug said...

Mmm - that sushi and the French toast look yummy! I may have to get some sushi this week...

Love that you got to spend time with your kids & friends - makes birthdays extra special. Happy birthday (again)!

momma frans said...

Smores in your driveway on Halloween?!? I'm trick or treating in your neighborhood next year! :-)
Happy birthday!!!!!
Love the ornaments.


Love your pictures....the sugar scrub from Pinterest and the Origami looked so fun. Loved the Halloween idea....sounded like such fun.

Penny said...

Oh, that sushi makes me so jealous, lol! YUM!!!