Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project 365 - Week 43

Week 43.

I am late getting this up because I have had the BEST day.  My son came home for the weekend to celebrate his birthday and brought his girlfriend.  We have done fun things all day and ended it with a big family dinner.  My niece drove up from college and brought her boyfriend.  Our table was full and fun and just missing one thing...Jared...well he was sort of there, we skyped him in!!!   I love my family and enjoy every minute we get together!!

here's my week:
We finished our 30+ hour training today for foster care!!!
Today's training was so good. We had a panel with foster parents, a judge, and a woman who grew up in foster care.  It was great to hear their stories and then be able to ask them questions.  Now to finish up all our paper work.

 A couple of my neighbors are getting "Booed"!

 Getting off a care package to Jared and also a package I have been promising Elizabeth for oh....just about 4 months.  I am SO BAD about getting things mailed!!!

Yep, I voted!!!

 Had blood work and a physical done today....another thing to check off the foster care list of to-dos.  The worst part is I had to get a flu shot in one arm and a tetanus in the other...ouch!!!  Man, it's a good thing you only have to get the tetanus every 10 years because that baby HURTS!!!

 My niece is coming tomorrow for the family birthday dinner, so I made some of her favorite cupcakes to take back to college with her.

 A tradition in our house is that you eat all your meals on your birthday off the birthday plate.  So we started the day with pumpkin waffles for Jason.
 The kids wanted to carve pumpkins today...very fun!!
Hard to believe my boy turned 21 this week!
We also celebrated Kayley's birthday (september) and mine (next week).  My kids each wrote me a letter, which was by far the best gift!!!!  Love them!

Can you believe we are at the end of October?!!!  This year has gone by so fast....crazy.  How was your week?


momma frans said...

Looks like you had a great week!!
We've got a couple weeks of birthdays, too.
Love the birthday plate, and your cupcakes look great! Happy birthday, Jason!

The Cyber Hermit said...

21. I am now feeling so old. Jason is the same age as my little brother!

I'm glad you got to have so much family around you this week.

Kim said...

What a good week! Well, except for the shots. But everything else sounds fantastic :)

We're enjoying some time in Sta. Rosa so I won't be getting a P365 post up this week.

rita said...

Cyber, you're feeling old? Jason is the same age as my granddaughter!
Great traditions in your family.
Never heard of "being booed".
Very happy birthday, dear Sara!

The Bug said...

What a nice day for you! I'm glad you had a full house - and now I want one of those cupcakes!

I remember going to the doctor about a shoulder issue (I eventually had surgery on it) - he referred me to an orthopedic doctor & then gave me a tetanus shot in that very same arm. Ouch!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I know you are glad to be finished with your training.

I need to make all those appointment for dr's appts, I always put those things off...

I love the birthday plate idea, I may have to borrow that one.



Congrats on finishing the course work on foster parenting. I know that you are excited to begin. I am excited for you. Loved those cupcakes....I could almost taste them. Loved the pumpkin waffle too....I love pumpkin...and I loved the birthday plate idea. My parents always made the day special mom always made your favorite breakfast, packed your favorite lunch with a wrapped surprise in it, and then supper was your favorite was all about the birthday person. Those kind of memories are the best.

Penny said...

Those cupcakes look AMAZING!!!

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

thank you so much for the box of stamp supplies.... you are so sweet to send those to me... I finally got back into town and had a chance to look thru all the goodies. I haven't had a chance to get into my craft room to get some stamping done but I hope to this week.
Thanks again!