Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This is one of the better books I have read in quite a while.
It's one of those books where.......
.....you highlight half of it, 
you don't want to put it down, 
you think about it when you aren't reading it and for days after you finish.

It's one of those books that, if you let it, will take you deep.
 And will completely mess with your life.

some of the challenging words in the book:

**The only exercise that works 100% of the time to draw one close to the real God is risk.

**Pretending to be good halts God's movement in our life.

**We don't want to fall. We like to see great testimonies of God's grace, but we don't want to be the testimony.

**When I get still and hear the loudest thing in me, it is often that I am chasing everyone but God.  and I fear if he gets too close, he'll see it.

**It is too easy in this country for blessings to become rights, for stuff and money to become what calls the shots in our lives.  And before we know it, God's gifts have replaced God himself.

**What are you most afraid of? What would be the very worst thing that God may allow you to suffer?

**You have to thank God for the seemingly good and the seemingly bad because really, you don't know the difference.

**I want to get to heaven out of breath, having willingly done anything that you--God of the universe--ask..anything.

**I want to be right with God at the end of my life rather than right with all the people in it.

**In america, we've learned the art of being verbally passionate but highly unresponsive Christ followers. (ouch)

**At some point, our faith and our words must become our actions and lives.

 These are just a few things that impacted me.  I really did highlight most of the book.  In fact, I read it on my kindle but am now going to purchase it to have in my hands!

It's made me  re-realize I want to live out on the edge.....I was there at one point, but have gotten "comfortable" and have moved closer in.    I want God to be first.....and quite frankly He has not been ultimately first for a while....my kids have, the church has, what people think of me has, and on and on.  

I want to willing to let go of everything in order to serve God and truly mean it when I pray "Anything, Lord".  It's the everything part that is hard and has had me searching inside for what things I really don't want to include in "everything".  

I hope you will read it.
If you do, let me know how it challenges you....cause it will.


Bellezza said...

Sara, this sounds so very powerful, and in some ways, it reminds me of the 'antique' book Secrets of a Happy Christian Life by Hannah Whiteall Smith. I think I need to be reminded of His power and my lukewarm-ness so that I am shaken from complacency.

sara said...

meredith, I think you would really like this book. It has certainly challenged me and my walk!!!

RaD said...

Oh man, some of those quotes hurt. The book seems a little scary (in a good way). Thanks for sharing, I'll add it to my reading list.

Angie said...

Sara, just in time to add it to my Christmas list...sounds good!

thirstysouthernsoul said...

Oooh -- good highlights! And I like Angie's point; someone on my Christmas list will be getting this as a gift!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Sounds like a wonderful and challenging read! I will have to go check it out....


momma frans said...

I have this book!! It was given as a gift at a conference I went to. I may move it up in my pile of "to read". :-)