Saturday, November 24, 2012

Project 365 - Week 47

week 47.

Ok, I can't load any pictures.
It says that I am out of storage space and I need to buy a storage plan at a monthly rate.  Anyone else have this happen? What did you do?

Well, it looks like I have so many posts that now I have to pay $2.49 a month to move forward.  I guess that is a small price to pay to have my life recorded on be it!

Well, this week we went from nursing my niece to nursing my daughter.  Alyssa had her gall bladder out on Tuesday.  Though my Thanksgiving wasn't what I would call the best ever, it was still wonderful to have all three of my kids under one roof for the weekend!!!  Lots of games were played, of course, and lots of laughter....though subdued because it made Alyssa hurt! 

Here's my week:
 This is the tree on my front porch.  Still beautiful at the end of Novbember!  I think we have had the most beautiful fall that I have seen in 6 years!
 One of my good friends went to visit her daughter in Chicago and brought me back, on the plane, one of my favorite pizzas in the world!!!!  That is a great friend!!!

 In the waiting room before surgery....just a little nervous holding her daddy's hand.  The surgery went well, but it was a good thing we had the gall bladder out as it was very diseased.

 Sent two HUGE care packages to some special friends in China.  they are going to LOVE it!!!
Alyssa is not doing well today.  she is in a lot of pain.  :(

 My great grandmother's yeast rolls.  I am the only person she taught to make them. 
It was a bit of a sad Thanksgiving...Alyssa could not eat any of the meal and ended up in tears.  She still feels pretty bad....praying tomorrow is a better day!
But of course, the day ended with a game!!

No big black Friday shopping for me this year.  I went to ONE store looking for a specific boot...score!!! 

 My kids pull out a card table to play and game together and watch the new Spiderman Movie....I love that!
 And the decorations came out!!
It's Christmas!

I can hardly believe we are moving in to the Christmas season already.  I pray that your family had a wonderful, relaxed, family filled Thanksgiving!!  Link up and show us some pictures!!


momma frans said...

Mine was doing that, too!!! It didn't make me buy anything, though. I just uploaded the new version of picasa and it worked fine after that.

momma frans said...

....or downloaded, rather. :-/

LeAnne P said...

That JUST happened to me, too. Interesting since you've been at this a year or two longer than I have been. Hmm... What are they trying to pull? :) Lee tried several different things. Nothing worked. I ended up subscribing to the $2.49/mo plan. If downloading a new version of Picasa works for you, let me know. It's worth 15 yuan a month, but I'd rather it be free again!


Loved the boots. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I just had to do the same thing with my I bought the 4.99 plan.

StephieAnne said...

I had the storage thing happen to me a couple of years ago....I ended up having to pay a yearly amount for google storage.

Your tree looks beautiful...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I hope your girl is feeling better by now. I know first hand how difficult it is to see your baby in pain after surgery. It is so not a fun thing to do.....

Working on getting my tree finished today.

I am curious, how long have you been keeping your blog? I am wondering when I will receive a notice that my storage is full too...


The Bug said...

I hardly know what to say after that spam post above - ha!

I ran out of picture storage last year & just had to pay $5 per year for an extra amount. I never downsize my pictures though - I really should quit posting them in their original huge format!

A lot of people I know have been getting this message - it's interesting that it's all happening at the same time (& suspicious!).

I sure hope Alyssa is feeling better. LOVE your Christmas tree!

rita said...

Hmmm, wonder if I'll get the notice and what I should do with it...
Sweet family togetherness in your pics. Praying for healing.
I also bought a pair of boots, but not on Black Friday. Actually I picked up a pair of shoes as well at the Sears that is going out of business.

Kim said...

I had the same thing happen with the notice that I'd reached my limit of free storage. The whole thing is fishy. How could so many of us possibly reach the limit at the exact same time?!

I tried what momma frans suggested but it didn't work for me, so guess I'll have to pay the $2.50/month for extra storage.

Hopefully I'll get it straightened out and can post this coming weekend, since I was stymied this past weekend. Just didn't have time to sort it out then.

Sure hope your daughter is feeling LOTS better!

Very cute boots :)