Saturday, October 20, 2012

Project 365 - Week 42

Week 42.

I had a much better week now that I am feeling better!!!  But I was very busy trying to get caught up after being down for 8 days.  I have been working hard this week to get as much done on my list toward fostering as possible.  And the good news is that I was able to check quite a few things off the list!!!!  My goal is for our home to be open/certified by December....we'll see.

Here's my week:
 I made lasagna for life group tonight.  The one on the right is for my boys!  They love me.  :)

Since it's the boys last night here and I am still not feeling 100%, I decided to skip bible study and have game night with my family!!!  We have a new game, Ticket to Ride, which was very fun!!!

 Watching the video I missed last night at bible study.  We are studying Jeremiah and it is so good!!!
Then tonight I met other foster mom's at a get together at David's Burgers.  It is so awesome to have this support group before I even start fostering!!

Can you guess what this is?
It's my Christmas cards!!!!
yep, I already have them finished.
 Now it remains to be seen if I will get them in the mail before Christmas....or even at all.

I forgot to take a picture tonight, but I had my CPR/1st aid class.  I am now certified to save you if you are choking and/or not breathing!!

Working on a present for a friend.

 Today was the first day of our last weekend of foster training.  It was ALL day and to be very honest...painful.  The man teaching today was a really nice guy, but he rambled most of the time and I feel like I didn't learn anything except for what I read in the manual....ugh.  It was a very long day, but he did let us out early!  Tomorrow we go back for the last 7 hours after church.

So how was your week?


LuAnn said...

GLad you are feeling better and looks like you got to enjoy the kids too. Sounds like a fun game.

Good for you on the Christmas cards. We are going to use one of our pics from Dallas. Now you got me motivated to get going.

Prayers continue here in WI. Peace

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

a friend made a blanket like that for me a few years ago. I love it and it is super warm and cozy!

I can't remember the last time I made lasagna, it looked wonderful. Mine tends to always fall apart when I cut it any tips????

Good luck on the fostering, very exciting. I have a very close friend how did that a number of yeas ago. They did it for an adoption agency though, it deepened upon the state the child was being adopted in as to how long the waiting period was but sometime they would have there foster baby for up to 6 month! I admire your commitment, all the classes and all the work on the front end! I had no idea it required so much perpetration! But it makes me very happy to know that they are taking such great care to ensure that the children will be in a safe and well taken care of environment once they have been removed from harms way!

I know you will be a blessing to each child you come in contact with!


LeAnne said...

Very impressive week - yummy lasagnas, Christmas cards created (wow), lots of training classes. Are you any less busy with an empty nest?

momma frans said...

Glad you're feeling better!!
Christmas cards? Already?!? You're a rock star.

Kim said...

So happy to hear you're feeling better! You weren't kidding when you said you were very busy, getting caught up! My goodness.

We used to have to do the CPR and first aid training every year when we were houseparents. I don't miss the training... along with how to dispose of hazardous waste, and all the other fun stuff that went along with the job.

That's one hefty manual! I imagine there's a lot involved, based on our experience as houseparents. Every year brought more laws, more paperwork, and more restrictions. So glad you already have a good support system in place!

Have a wonderful week. And stay healthy!

skoots1mom said...

goodness you're a busy lady...
no pics for me this week except a few on facebook ;)
but He gave me a devotional for my bible study, so i shared that...hope that's ok ;)

The Bug said...

Ooh that lasagna looks great! I could eat some right now - & I just ate supper :)

Oh Christmas cards - that reminds me that it's my year to write the Christmas poem - oy!

Lisa said...

Ah...that training is crueling... those are long days for sure. Have you submitted fingerprints yet? That was the thing that ended holding us up...three months to get the results back!

Were you happy with the Shutterfly stuff? My sister said a couple months ago they merged with Kodak and it hasn't been the same experience for her since.

I'm staying on top of Christmas this year, too!

Happy you are back on your feet!

rita said...

Looking forward to another game night with the Bowyers!
Last time I made lasagna i said, "Never again!" i think I need your advice. You taught me so much already. i've made the salsa several times.
I already have some Christmas cards from Shutterfly, but may have to order more.
The training you are going through sounds INTENSE, and the support group very beneficial.
I've been attending the monthly adoption support group at church even though it is not directly applicable to me right now.
Granddaughter and I shopped for the makings of those fleece blankets several years ago. She made one for each child in the family! This last week daughter and I shopped for the makings of gifts for the women in the family. We had fun. Start production this Friday, hopefully.


Loved your pictures....interesting week...the chest dummy was a little freaky. Can't wait to see the finished will share a picture of that won't you?????