Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friendship is a beautiful thing.....

....and I am so blessed to have many.

Most friendships start out timid and a bit shallow.  As you spend time with someone, you get to know them better and as you go along, a stronger friendship develops.  You do life together and through those ups and downs, you find out whether you have a true friend or an acquaintance.  It takes time to develop into a deep, lasting friendship.

However, that is not always true.

Especially with blogging friends.

Many of us have been doing this thing we call blogging for 4+ years together.  Though we haven't "done life" together and don't even live in the same state, we've walked through life together via our blogs.  We've prayed for each other, laughed on the other side of the screen with each other, cried with each other and left encouraging comments when needed.

And occasionally we get to meet face-to-face.

And I am completely blown away each time with how DEEP our connection we've lived next door to each other all our lives.  It's amazing how a relationship that usually takes years to develop is just...there...easy...comfortable.

I have had the pleasure of meeting several blogging friends.....Darla, Lisa, Linda, Rita, Linda, H-Mama  (sorry if I left anyone out..I am over 50!) and last night LuAnn spent the night at my house.  Each time, I have walked away with a lifetime's truly amazing.

LuAnn and I share many things in common....we are both pastor's wives, we love to entertain, we love people, we collect tea cups, we're both competitive...just to name a few.  And I don't think we stopped talking from the moment she arrived at my house till we went to bed last night!!!  Even better, our husbands were both there and they enjoyed getting to know each other too!!!  After all, they don't have this "blogging relationship" that we have....though they have heard so much about it.  We enjoyed playing cards, laughing, visiting, just being together. 

It was a great evening.....just way too short!

We are already plotting our next get together.....maybe with Rita?! :)

Thanks to all of you for being my blogging friends!!
I'm so blessed and very grateful!


April's adventure said...

I love you and miss you my friend

Cathy said...

Great post. So glad you got to meet another blogging friend

The Bug said...

I'm all smiles here :)

LuAnn said...

It was a great day! One of my favorite days actually.

Lynne said...

When I started socially engaging on the Internet, my mother was very pessimistic about the axe murderers that could be on the other side of the screen. However, I reminded her the only new thing about this was the format. Years ago, war brides got acquainted with their Misters and/or friends via pen pal and snail mail formats. I recall when I was about 15 having a pen pal from England that was arranged by my English teacher. She was trying to encourage us to 'write', lol. It is nothing new, it is just a more streamlined approached to meeting others and hopefully sparking a friendship connection. Glad you both were able to have a lovely visit! :-)

rita said...

And what you describe so beautifully is only a shadowy foretaste of heaven. Imagine that!

Lisa said...

Such a beautiful description of something so hard to describe....and I love what Rita said. SO cool!