Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project 365 - Week 39

Week 39.

wow.  We had a wonderful week with my parents in Northern Arizona.   It was a beautiful time to be there and we thoroughly enjoyed relaxing on the porch, cool nights, fires in the fire place, golf, antiquing, reading and spending quality time with my folks.  It was perfect.

It is so hard to come home from a vacation, but even harder leaving my parents not knowing when I will see them again.  I have always wished I could live a drives distance away, but that has never been in God's plan.  So, I have to make the most of each visit and work on making them happen regularly.

Coming home is hard....back to reality...back to responsibilities and the busy schedule...but I have something so exciting to look forward to!!!  LuAnn and her husband are coming through this week and spending the night with us on their way to Texas!!!  I am counting the days until I get to meet her in person!!!  Can't wait!

Here's my week:
Mom wanted to invite some friends over and asked me to cook the dinner.  It was a fun evening!

It was cold enough to have a fire in the fire place tonight!!  We don't get to have too many fires in Arkansas, even in the winter, so I thoroughly enjoyed this.

 Dad took us out on his razor today. He and I went out in the morning..all through the forest. The views and the sights were amazing!
 The aspens are just turning yellow for fall and were beautiful!

 We met Mom and Steve at Hidden Meadow Ranch for lunch and then Steve went out with Dad and I came home with Mom.  It was a very fun day!

 Dad and Steve played golf today.  Mom and I had lunch at the golf course and this was our view!  Then we went antiquing and I made a great find!  This is a very old tool box and I know just where it is going to go in my house!

 We drove down the mountain to Tucson today.  Dad brought home over a cord of wood for the house and we had to unload it (in 90 degree heat) as soon as we got home because they are going back up to the cabin tomorrow after we leave.
 I met my brother and his family for dinner for one last Eegee and one of their famous grinders.

 We are home and Lily is SO happy to see us!!!

 Spent the first part of the morning cleaning off my "pile" place and getting the tool box ready for it's new home!  I love it!  Now maybe this area will stay clear of piles.....maybe.

So how was your last week of September?!!!  Can you believe tomorrow is October already?  What have you been doing?



Lisa said...

Good luck with your pile defuser...thoses piles make me crazy even though I have them. Wonderful week with your parents....what a treat!! Beautiful, beautiful.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love the re-purpose with the old tool box...way top score!

So happy you got to have some down time with your parents.


it looks like your week was a good one....and productive. Next year I will let you know ahead of time when the rug sale is and you can plan a trip down here for it. It is worth the ride...believe me.

rita said...

Beautful pics.
Great times.
Good find. Let us know if it works.
Hi to Luann!
Have fun!

RaD said...

I feel the same way about being so far away from my family too. But God's ways are not my ways...

Kim said...

Love the tool box! Great use for it, too :)
I know what you mean about a drive's distance...I've always wanted to live within a drive's distance of my sister and that's never worked out. Now she lives clear out in California, so we have to plan waaaay ahead for our visits when we go to the states.
Your photos make me look forward to exploring more of Arizona the next time we go (probably four years?). It looks so beautiful!
Glad you had a wonderful vacation :)
Have fun with LuAnn! That's so cool that you get to meet her!

LuAnn said...

I will see you in 3 days !!!!!!!

The Bug said...

What a glorious week! I really appreciate being only a 7.5 hour drive from my dad, but I have to say that your parents win the scenery sweepstakes :)

Have fun with LuAnn - I'm jealous!

semperfi said...

love the fire place picture, I could just cuddle up in front of it with a cup of coffee & a good book

momma frans said...

Glad you had some sweet time with your parents.
Love that old tool box!!

skoots1mom said...

can you get to Kim's? I can't get there...

Lynne said...

Love reading your post, it just brings a bit of peace that comes through your words. I am also glad you shared the outcome of the "box find", it looks great!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

A wonderful week filled with lots of new memories!

LOVE the Eegee story! Thanks.

Love the new (old) box! I love things like that...beautiful WITH history!