Saturday, September 22, 2012

Project 365 - Week 38

Week 38.

This has been a great week...but going home usually results in a great week!  I am so enjoying being with my family and being back in my home state....I truly do love it here and miss it.  

So without further ado, here's my week:

 If you recall from last week, we kept a foster baby for the weekend.  I had forgotten how hard it was to get ready with a 13 month old!!!  Since I was by myself (Steve left early for church), I put K in my bathtub, next to my sink, with some toys while I got ready.  I was really hurrying to be done before she realized she was stuck in a bathtub and was so proud of myself to get it done and to church with a happy baby!!  But then at church ran my tongue across my teeth and realized they felt a bit know the feeling....yea.....I forgot to brush my teeth!!!!!

I don't have a picture for today.  Let's just say it was extremely busy because I left cleaning my house and packing for the last minute!!!

 The view of those mountains makes me smile!!!  I'm home!

 And this is the first place we stop once we leave the airport!!! This is a frozen drink only found in Tucson and one I grew up on....oh how I love it!

my parent's porch is a great place to have my morning quiet time!

Later, we surprised my dad with the dedication of a mural at Tucson Medical Center painted in his honor.

The sun was shining on the top part but you can still see what a great mural this is.  It's in a play yard in the children's wing

The space shuttle was flown over Tucson today.  it was so cool to see it!!
Eegee number 2....I am trying to limit myself!

We drove up to my parents cabin today in northern Arizona.  I love my home is so beautiful!!

 driving through Salt River Canyon

 We are here!  my parents have had this cabin since I was in elementary school and I spent many summers up here.

The guys played golf today and mom and I went antiquing!  Later we went for a walk and passed this gorgeous meadow not far from the cabin.

I am having so much fun relaxing and just hanging out.  Just finished my first book....The Time keeper...which was excellent!  I plan to finish several more before the end of next week!!!

Hope your week was great!  Link up and share it with us!


The Cyber Hermit said...

Very pretty scenery. Hope you are enjoying your time away.


A piece of Mary Alice Hadley. I could not believe it when I saw it in your porch picture. Loved the scenery. Hope you are having a wonderful time....from the photos it looks like you are.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I have family that live in Chnadler AZ. We enjoyed out time there when we did out out west vacation!

Beautiful pictures, and that cabin looks so warm and welcoming! I know you had a wonderful time.

Funny about the teeth! Hmmmmhow many time have I done that and I don't have a toddler as a distraction!


RaD said...

Beautiful photos of your home state. I do the same thing when we visit Oregon each year, the second I see the mountains and the valley I grew up in, I know I am home.

The Bug said...

Gorgeous pictures this week! I'm so glad you got to go spend time with your parents.

momma frans said...

Eegee?? I'm intrigued.
Your pictures are beautiful!! So glad you had a good visit.

rita said...

Yes, what is Eegee's?
Does it compete with Ivanhoes?
From fostering to time with parents. You never stop!
How good to have the cabin time, growing up and now!
AZ, very beautiful indeed.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Is Eegee's a local place?

That is so cool to have that cabin for so long... all those memories that have been made there.... just amazing!

Love your picture with all the tall cactus plants.... very cool!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Okay Sara...I am intrigued by this strange word...EEgee...what is it? Frozen ice?

Beautiful retreat! What a wonderful honor for your father!