Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project 365 - Week 34

Week 34.

I think most of the pictures I took this week were with my phone camera..ugh.  But better that than none at all.....actually, I think I might have missed a few days too..not sure.  Oh well. 

We completely cleaned this house top to bottom this week and found a few "interesting"'s been a while, what can I say!  I went to clean jason's room and found I couldn't get the metal trash can off the was stuck.  Seems someone put coke in it and it seeped through the bottom.  It made a wonderful brown ring of coke and rust on the floor.  You can imagine my "joy". My Norwex mop saved his life....seriously.  If you have not looked into Norwex and their cloths, then you need to.  with just a few swipes of the mop (using only water) the stain was up.  I wish now I had taken a picture but at the time I was too mad!!  Norwex has proven it's worth to me over and over, they are amazing!!!!  Find them and buy one.....or ten!

In cleaning the basement, I tackled a game shelf that hadn't been cleaned in a LONG time.  On one shelf, among some black leg weights, Alyssa and I found a black bra....yep....not either of ours....covered in dust.   Now if I hadn't had a gazillion pool parties and youth sleep overs in the last 2 years, I might be worried.  I guess it might be embarrassing to have to call your pastor's house and ask if you left your bra....

yes, it's been an interesting week.  And here it is:

 I worked in the nursery today and these to sweet boys were having a blast together!

 My brother dropping his daughter at OBU this morning and then was coming to my house to visit before flying home.  Well, she hit a deer last night coming home from a school bonfire.  she is fine, but the truck isn't.  Larry and to do some work on it to get it to the body shop.  He and his wife didn't make it to my house until almost 9:00pm...they were so tired.


No picture today.  
Had breakfast with Larry and Leslie and then took them to the airport.
Then spent the afternoon running errands.

 A friend of mine met up at church to go through and clean all the children's rooms.  I don't think it had been done since we got here and you can't imagine the things we found....seriously, you can't imagine!  This is the pile of trash we had when we were done!
I came home and finished cleaning the

 This morning we had our first home consult for fostering....we passed!  It was really not a big deal but I was worried what we might have to do for the pool.  But all we have to get is one more smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher!  Now on to the classes.
Alyssa and I had a last hurrah day by the pool.  She starts school tomorrow. I made these delicious drinks for us to enjoy...go here for the recipe.


 Jared asked for chicken and noodles before he left for college. I was taking a meal to someone so it was a good night to make them.  They really hit the spot for me because I am not feeling great.

 Jared's friends had a surprise going away party for him today at our house.  They are awesome!  

That's my week, how was yours?


LeAnne said...

Ha ha ha! Is it okay that the black bra story is the one sticking with me? Only my Sara. Miss you!

LuAnn said...

I had to laugh with Jason's room. I cleaned Phil's lease top to bottom. Gross me out! !!!!! And the room downstair stairs where the kids hung out. Oh my feet do glad to have it all cleaned. I missed two days this week.
Safe travels to you. I wilk be thinking of you not an easy time of our lives but the Good Lord gets us through.

Mocha with Linda said...

Mercy! You have been in a cleaning frenzy! Home and church! Can you come here next?! :-)

LOVE the black bra story! Too funny!

Smiled when I saw the OBU reference. My girl is eagerly awaiting her acceptance letter!

I've been wondering when Jared was heading off to college. Hugs as you deal with sending your baby off! <3

Kim said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all the cleaning going on at your house and the church :)

Had to laugh at the bra story :) And wince when I read about the trash can. Definitely going to have to check out the Norwex products next furlough!

Hope that now you've cleaned so well, you can TAKE A BREAK! haha You need it girl!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Oh my stars! The coke in the trash can brings back so many memories. I used to have to pray for strength before I went into my son's room! Nightmare is the only word to describe the experience!

I'll have to check out that brand of mop. I will look the next time I go the walmart...

You had a productive week!

Thant chicken and noodles looks really good. Do you make your noodles fro scratch. They looked homemade!


Lisa said...

Oh, you must feel so good to have all that done!! I was thinking "fall cleaning" but then I remembered you had your home inspection. Nothing like having a social worker check your house from top to bottom to motivate you!

Disheartening to read that at jason's age those messes still happen. :(

The Bug said...

I'm ashamed to admit that all I needed to do this weekend was vacuum & mop & I didn't do either. You should disown me as a friend - ha!

I'll be thinking of you as you let your last bird fly from the nest...

Lynne said...

You make me want to get out the mop and bucket and tackle my base boards, lol. Sounds like yours was a busy cleaning week. I do need to do some housecleaning, too. Hope you have a great week! and glad your niece was not hurt.

StephieAnne said...

Oh Sara - you worked hard this week! Coke/rust stains and black bras...what a week! Congratulations for moving on to the next stop in your journey of fostering - and my heart goes with you as you send your kiddos all on to college. Wow!

Hope this next week offers a little less cleaning and a little more relaxing!


What a week you had. Loved the cake and chicken and noodles. Food always seems to draw my attention....especially when someone else cooks it. Hope your week is quieter this week and congrats on passing the fostering test.