Saturday, August 18, 2012

Project 365 - Week 33

Week 33.

This was a crazy, busy week.  Why does the summer schedule go from zero to 100 in a matter of days the week before school starts?  I never get used to that last crazy push.

We had so much fun with Steve's mom here, she left Monday.  Then my week was so busy, I almost forgot that that my nest would start emptying at the end of the week....almost.  As I type this, things are very quiet in the Bowyer mixed emotions about that.

On to some very exciting news.....many of you may remember Darla who used to be part of our P365 group.....well, her daughter is going to be on the new season of The Voice!!!  It starts Sept 10 with the blind auditions.  I am so excited to watch and root for Devyn.  You can go here to see the promo and see Devyn in the clip!!!  Maybe some day I will be able to say "that star once stayed at my house!" ha ha!!!

Here's my week:

 Made bread for Steve's sermon illustration with yeast and one without.

 Steve's mom left today and I spent the rest of the day just relaxing.  Lily and I enjoyed some time out by the pool.

 Jared has to have a tux for college for his concerts.  There is a place in downtown LR that sells used ones...he looks so handsome in it and it fit perfect!

Today was the 1st day of school for my kids HS.....I really enjoyed my calm, quiet morning!!
 Have been working hard getting the children's department staffed for the year at is always a stressful project and I might have had a mini meltdown today about it.  But God is good and I am almost completely staffed now!!!

 Our neighbors brought us home some wonderful peaches from their trip and I made a peach pie for our last family night dinner tonight.  I taught Alyssa how to make her crust from scratch.  So sad to think it is the last time all 5 of us will have an evening together till thanksgiving!

 Jason left this morning........and the emptying has begun..... :(

woke up to a rainy, thundery day.....perfect for french toast!!!

I also made a nice revelation today.......empty nest = less house work!  My kitchen actually stayed clean from yesterday morning, through the day and night until this morning....amazing!

Hope you guys had a great week!  Can't wait to see!


The Bug said...

Ooh that pie & french toast look yummy! I might have to have french toast in the morning :)

I like that you're finding the upside to an empty nest - it will help get you through until you start fostering.

Angie said...

I feel a little sad/lonely for you. It WILL be quiet, but I look forward to seeing how the Lord fills up your time! (and house)

I love the new family pics. Wonderful!

Lynne said...

The peach pie looks very inviting! Lots of nice memories made this week for you to tide you through until Thanksgiving. I have a feeling though that you are going to keep busy enough despite the empty nest from what I've read so far. Love your dog! Have a wonderful week, Sara! God Bless you!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I am envisioning what an empty nest will look like, we are still a few years away, but we are in the home stretch with the girlchild being a junior in HS.

That peach pie looks amazing, I am sure it was delicious!

Loved the bread illustration!

Enjoy your peace and quiet and your clean kitchen!


LuAnn said...

Yes... I miss Phil but what a thrill he called me 3 times within an hour about some cooking questions. I do love the clean house. Cleaned his room up and down yesterday. Will be nice and fresh when he comes home for his birthday in 2 weeks.

You pie looks delish. I realy enjoy making my own crusts.

Will let you know in a few weeks our travel plans if it is still o.k.

And how exciting for Darla and her family. Can hardly wait for the show to start.


Loved the bread and pie...the pie looked so yummy. I remember the day when my house became empty. It was a bittersweet day....but I found I had more time to read and craft.

LuAnn said...

When we got up Friday morning it was 58 bt warmed up quickly. Right now it is 57. Great for the electric bill. But very odd for us in August.

Michelle said...

I'll trade you a blueberry pie for a peach pie? Ok, how did I not realize that you have a daughter? I thought you just had two boys! And I agree about that rush at the end of summer....always happens, never manage to manage it. :)

momma frans said...

Sorry about your empty nest,but yay for not having to clean as much!!
So exciting about devyn being on the voice! I will definitely check it out!

Kim said...

There is definitely an upside to the empty nest... it's just that adjusting to it takes some time :)

Mmmmm, I haven't had french toast in a really long time. Now I'm craving some!

Hope your week is good, and not too quiet :)

rita said...

Looking forward to seeing the tux and wearer in many concerts :-)
And many other occasions as well.