Saturday, August 11, 2012

Project 365 - Week 32

Week 32.

Well, my hopes of being a better blogger this week didn't happen, but I am not giving up!!  I bet that once I drop these boys at college and the crickets are chirping in this house I will have time to may even save my sanity....I'm hopeful!

We've had another busy week.  It's funny how I started the summer thinking it was going to be calm and somewhat boring seeing as we spent our vacation $$ on a new A/C.......ha!  Jokes on me!

I've also been suffering from insomnia for the last week.  That puts a whole new spin on your day for sure.  I have never been very good dealing with lack of sleep.  Plus it's frustrating because I thought I was through "all that".  Seriously, menopause is a cruel trick.

But I did have a great week, here it is:
 These are my family's current favorite potato recipe.  You can find it here.  They are pretty awesome, especially if you add some truffle salt (thank you April!) to them!! oh my!

 This little car has been with us since Alyssa turned 16.  We bought it from a neighbor and it has gone through all 3 of my kids.  Sadly, we sold it today.  I am really going to miss seeing this car drive up blaring rock, christian rock, or classical (guess which kid!) music each day!!!

 We had our monthly ladies program at church tonight. The topic was hospitality.  But it wasn't really about was about having a character of being hospitable to those God has placed around you....which means engaging.
 several ladies decorated and hosted tables and I showed some easy, inexpensive ways to reach out to those around you.  If you want to see many of them, go to my Pinterest board labeled Apples of Gold.

My MIL came in last night for a weeks visit.  
Today we all made hair apt.s at the same time!  
While my color sat on my hair, my friend, Danielle, cut everyone else's. 
 Jared is ALWAYS cold....and he is going NORTH for college....go figure.

 Jason's girlfriend is a fantastic photographer.  Today we went out and she did a photo shoot with us.  These are just a couple. They turned out so GREAT!

 We celebrated my MIL's birthday today (it's tomorrow). We all went to see the new Bourne movie and then came home for dinner and dessert. I bought everyone's favorite cupcakes at a local yummy!  
Happy Birthday, Ma!!!

Steve spent the evening helping his mom figure out her finances and start the process of setting up a budget for her.  

So that's my week.  How was yours?!!


LuAnn said...

Oh my what a week.

What a great job she did with the pictures too.

And how nice your mil can spend some time with your family.

Do you move Jared this week?

rita said...

Your food always looks so yummy. I need to learn from you. Will try to look at your hospitality tips (before you come, ha!)
So good to see MIL enjoying herself with you all.

Lynne said...

I hope you will get rested up. I totally get menopause, and am not caring for it either, lol. Beautiful photos. Not sure how far up North your son will be going, but it has been a warm summer for Southern, Maryland! In fact, I thought Ft Lauderdale felt more comfortable than my own home town, lol.

The Bug said...

I think summer in Indiana would be warm enough for Jared, but he'll be complaining come November I'll bet - ha!

LOVE the family pics - she did a fabulous job.

Lisa said...

So fun! Love the photo shoot results...she is very talented!

Enjoy your last days with everyone!

momma frans said...

LOVE the family pictures. Y'all are beautiful!!
Ok, so I don't know you're kids, but based in reading your blog for the last three years, I would guess that Jason is blaring rock, Alyssa is Christian rock, and Jared is classical. Am I right???

Looks like a fun fun week!
Get some sleep--dring lavender tea before you go to bed...but not right before, or then you'll keep waking up to pee. ;-)

Kim said...

I can relate to the insomnia :( Like you, I'd been doing a little better and then it got really, really bad recently. Ugh. Makes life rather challenging, doesn't it?! Hope you get some relief soon!

Have enjoyed seeing the photos of the family photo shoot on facebook. Love the one of you and Steve kissing while the kids hide their eyes :)

So glad your mom has Steve to help her with those things your FIL used to take care of!

Have a good -- and restful -- week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great week, what a good son to help his mom like that!

Loved the family portrait! Just too cute!


Michelle said...

Fun catching up with your life! Your boys are so handsome. I love the shot of you and your husband kissing (too cute). Also how in the world is a kid living in Arkansas always cold? As I recall it is hot as heck there in the summer. :)


Loved all the shots this week. Those tables are gorgeous. Loved the family shots.

Karin said...

So fun to see what you and the kids have been up to. :) Great photo shoot!!

SmilingSally said...

I'm dropping by to keep in touch. I impressed that you're still keeping the picture a day going.

Happy Birthday to your MIL.

Thanks for sharing, Sara.

Lori Davidson said...

That's a great week you had!!!
The tables at church are lovely. And what awesome family photos you guys made! Really cute!
And those cupcakes look gigantic! Maybe it's just the camera angle, but I don't think so. Glad you had some time with your MIL. Funny you're expecting crickets to chirp soon. Me, too... (that's a hint, btw).

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

SARA! I cannot LOVE that photo of you kissing and the kids covering their eyes MORE! I just adore that!

A good week. Ummm, I could use one of those yummy cupcakes please!

Empty nest huh? At least for a bit!