Saturday, August 4, 2012

Project 365 - Week 31

 Week 31.

Well, our heat wave continues.  I am SO grateful for our air conditioning!!!!  This week I have been trying to spend as much time with my kids as's getting very close to time for them to all head off to college.  But I also have to start gearing up for the fall at church....staffing all the rooms, deciding curriculum, etc.  It seems like bed time got here earlier each day!!!  But one thing I don't miss this summer....back to school shopping!!!  :)

Here's my week:

 Took a nice nap after church today and then spent the evening in the pool with my family!!  We had a lot of fun playing "pig"......I lost.

 Seriously....we are melting.

 Today, my husband and I had lunch at Chick Fil A because we knew that tomorrow would be crazy for Appreciation Day...but I forgot to take a picture.  :(  However, I did get a picture of our goslings at church.  They are almost full grown.  You can see the dad or mom standing watch.  We rarely saw them come out this year and I think that more survived than ever before!  

 Today, I got a much need pedi cure.  It felt so good to relax for 45 minutes!!!

 Lily has really been enjoying the pool this year.  It doesn't take much to get her to jump in or fall in as she chases the balls and the people!!  Jason got this picture of her swimming!

Alyssa and I hung out together today.  We went and scoped out goodwill and savers and found a few fun treasures.  And then she helped me work on some projects I am doing for our ladies program at church on Tuesday.
 The program is on being hospitable and my job is to show fun, easy and cheap ideas to reach out to your neighbors, co workers, etc.  They all turned out great!!

This is an egg carton and I will put mini muffins in it!

Started the day at the farmers market with Alyssa.  Then we came home and did some swimming.  We have a new comers dinner here tomorrow evening so I made the lasagna today...that way I don't have as much to do after church. I am so smart! ha!

Well, that was my week.  How did yours turn out?


Lynne said...

Yours was busy! Mine consisted mostly of work and then stop over to the parents and walk the dog because Mom has been fighting bronchitis. Come home, make dinner and do house stuff or gel with the family. Today, the husband and I went to a campground and rode bikes and then swimming. Before you know it, it all starts all over again...except this week I start an online college course. Somewhere between the busy I need to include my bible study time, missing it. I am glad to go to church tomorrow. Have a great week!

The Bug said...

You're always so much busier than I am - I would feel guilty, but... not really :)

I've been so tired this week & didn't know why - I think I finally figured out that it's my allergies.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) said...

Love the egg carton... I would love to hear all your great ideas for being hospitable in a frugal way. I am always looking for ideas.
I too am thankful for my air conditioner. We did get a few days of rain/sprinkles this week which cooled things down for a few hours during the day but overall... it's HOT!
I so wish I could have squeezed in a pedicure this week. I would have loved some time to relax. Well, maybe next week!
Have a blessed week!

Lisa said...

You are the perfect person to teach on hospitality! It really doesn't need to be as complicated as ppl think it is.

Your pool seems like so much fun...yes, its HOT where you are! I guess the money you save on heating bills in the winter goes towards your electric bill!

How many kids are going off to college?

momma frans said...

Love the mini muffin egg carton.
Allen accidentally went to lunch at chickfila on appreciation day, in that he didn't realize that it was appreciation day. He waited in line for 45 minutes!!! Crazy!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I need a pedi!

Loved the egg carton presentation. Great idea! Those gift baskets looked too cute!!!!!

Great Week!

rita said...

Planning on making a lasagna for the family of 9 kids coming over tomorrow.
I agree with Elizabeth, curious about all your ideas.
Of course, you can teach me in person soon!

Kim said...

Ahhhh, those final days of summer when you just cram in as much together time as you can :) Glad you're staying (somewhat) cool between the a.c. and the pool. Enjoy those kiddos while you can :)

StephieAnne said...

Our one day of 103 temps gave me so much more empathy of your entire summer of 100+ temps! Ugh...that pool is a haven, for sure!

So fun to see Lilly swimming. I took Syd on a hike today and it definitely merited a bath when we returned as if there was a puddle to be found (creek, ditch) - she was rolling in it. Fun to have dogs that love the water so much!

Mikayla and I did our school supplies shopping today. Even taking other ads in to have Walmart "price match" it all still added to so much....I intend to put it all away in a closet and then not even think about school until Labor Day.

Karin said...

118 degrees??!?!?!??! ACK! Hope it cools off soon!