Thursday, January 12, 2012

The best road map available... the abiding Presence of the Lord.

Lately, I have said several times that I wish I had a crystal ball.  

I have several situations in my life where I wish I could just see how they were going to turn out....would they turn out "ok", were my decisions "right", would I make it through them, what will happen today?

Then I came to my devotion this morning and again God spoke to my heart..

Let Me prepare you for the day that stretches out before you. I know exactly what this day will contain, whereas you have only vague ideas about it.  You would like to see a map, showing all the twists and turns of your journey.  You'd feel more prepared if you could somehow visualize what is on the road ahead.  However, there is a better way to be prepared for whatever you will encounter today: spend quality time with Me.

I will not show you what is on the road ahead, but I will thoroughly equip you for the journey.  My living Presence is your Companion each step of the way.  Stay in continual communication with Me, whispering My Name whenever you need to redirect your thoughts.  Thus, you can walk through this day with your focus on Me.  My abiding Presence is the best road map available.

--Jesus Calling by Sarah Young--

yes, very true.


Aliene said...

What an encouraging post. We all wish we knew what was ahead, but if we did we might really be in a mess.
I'm glad He directs our path and guides us. Thanks for sharing this.

skoots1mom said...

our Holy Counselor that Jesus sent after His resurrection...such a precious gift. seek Him, and dwell there

Tiffany said...

I needed this today, Sara! Thank you:)


Thank you for this reminder. I needed to have some reassurance badly.

Angie said...

Love this post! So true!

After completing Beth Moore's Esther study, I learned to say "yes" to whatever the Lord brings to my days. It's made a huge difference in my peace of mind.

Karin said...

That devo spoke so loudly to me the day I read it, too. There is just something in the future that I want the answer to--and I'm not going to get that answer today. :)