Friday, January 13, 2012

Letter of Intent

 I am joining Foursons for Letters of Intent today.  Do you have a letter that needs to be written just to get it off your chest?  Join us!

Dear Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day cookbook,

I have to admit that though I waited a month before you came available from the library, the timing of getting you the week after New Years was was not great.

Why you ask?  Because this is the best and easiest bread I have ever made.  I have loved having fresh crusty bread with a wonderful soft center every night at dinner!!  So has my family.

Having the dough in the fridge just waiting to be set out to rise makes me giddy...

And then seeing this beautiful loaf cooling off on my counter makes me do the dance of joy!!!  And the smell in the

However, you have an evil side for sure.  All that time I am spending in the gym is now not going toward working off the pounds I gained during the, I am having to work hard so as not to gain any more!!!  Seems fresh bread every.single.night is not good for the diet.  Who knew?!!

However, I could live with that because you taste so wonderful and make my family so happy.  Then you became the cause of an accident.  One that hurt my child.  One that caused me to sit in a doctor's office all morning.  One that caused me, I'm sure, a lot of money.....

You look so innocent sitting there.  But were the cause of this...

Oh, sure.  You can try to say it was HIS fault.  That he was being careless.  But he just was craving a slice of YOU.

We may have to rethink this new relationship.

I must admit though...... it was fun seeing my 20 year old sit on the scooby doo table.....took me back to his childhood.


The woman who may need to get your next book....Healthy bread in five minutes a day.


Angie said...

Oh, I'm reliving this one! My oldest daughter sliced open a finger the same way. Not pretty, but I think she still craved the bread even after getting all fixed up! :)

I always enjoy your letters of intent. They make me smile.

The Bug said...

LOL - poor Jason :) But that bread looks TOTALLY worth it!

Foursons said...

Oh how I love seeing a 20 year old on a pediatrician's table! :D So sorry he got hurt, but the sweetness of him at the pediatrician's is just to much to pass up.

I'm thinking I need to go find this book...NOW. Well, I don't NEED it, but I sure do WANT it!

Thanks for being my lonely link-up today! As long as I get at least one I'll keep going!

Cathy said...

So sorry your son got hurt, but that bread looks so good!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Oh My! Bread is awesome...stitches not so much...sitting on the scooby doo table....priceless!

Made two loaves of Honey Whole Wheat and two Cinnamon Raisin Swirl...nothing beats the smell of home made bread fresh out of the oven!


Kim said...

*giggling like crazy*
I have that book and made bread a lot in the beginning, but had to back off when the pounds packed on. Oh.My.Word! Ivan's been making bread a lot recently, but that's because we've been hosting a lot of meals. I'm sending whatever is left home with the guests, though, to avoid temptation :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Oh that looks delicious! I've got to get that book! Sorry about the little accident! I did the same thing hoarding bread in junior high. ;)