Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Slow me down....

I sat here this morning going over my calender for the next couple of months and trying not to hyperventalate because of all I have on my plate.

all good things.

all things I want to accomplish well.

but so many and moving so fast.

Then I visited a blog of a missionary family in Haiti.  I love their tends to give me perspective and bring me back into focus.  And on their blog today was this song, Slow Me down. The words just spoke to my heart.   You can go HERE to hear it....I am not smart enough to know how to embed it into my post....but here are the words...

Slow Me Down
Song: By Robbie Seay
 Slow me down Lord, slow me down. 

 Help my heart to hear your sound.

Speak into my life Lord speak now.

Slow me down oh Lord, slow me down.

Clear my mind Lord, clear my mind.
Bring me peace that I cannot find.

Take my worthy thoughts, break my pride.

Clear my mind, oh Lord, clear my mind.

Wake my soul oh Lord, wake my soul...

  .... Of this life called mine, take control. 
When life seems to run wild and ahead of me and out of control, only He can slow it down and bring me peace.  
so very thankful.


Jeremiah Johnson said...

Beautiful song

LuAnn said...

O.K. now you helped me today.

I actually took something off my plate for Saturday too. Phil's school is having a dance and we were suppose to help out. Found another couple to do it. I really feel I need to start to say "No".

Thanks again friend!!!!

Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Your sharing this today Sara is a gift to me.