Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 365 - Week 4

Week 4.

I am still so excited to see how many have joined us for P365!!!  It is so fun to visit each of you and learn about your life through your photos.

I have started my blurb book for 2010.  To be honest, it has been very frustrating at times.  The newest version of blurb is running very slow and I almost wish I hadn't updated.  However, I have gotten the hang of it and am about 3/4 is going to be awesome!!!!

I would also like to ask you to keep praying for Joanne.  You can go here to get updates on her progress.  I know that her family covets your prayers!!!

Here's my week:

We were at Life Group last night and just as we were starting to dig into scripture, our friend's dog jumped up behind Mike and put it's behind in his face....and it kept doing it!!!  Maybe you had to be there, but this was so funny!!!


This is Sopapilla Cheesecake!
It is easy to make and is deelish!
find the recipe here

Got to go out to dinner with a good friend tonight!!
I LOVE sushi and this is some of the best in LR!
Great food, great company...great night!
 One of the small groups at church invited us to dinner tonight.  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  What is better than good friends, good food, relaxing atmosphere and studying God's Word.  perfect.

 It started to snow again today...ugh!
can you see the flakes coming down?
this was my drive home at just 2:00....I'm tired of this.


I ordered some clothes from CC's clearance sale and even got 20% more off.
It came today and I was SO excited because I loved everything and it all fit!!!  How often does that happen?!!! 
A sweet friend from church got married today!!
This is her little boy right before she came in!

 The ceremony was in her new husband's Eastern Orthodox church.
It was beautiful and so symbolic.
I didn't know what all of it symbolized and can't wait to talk to them and ask.

 The reception was a blast!!!
It was just a great day!

So how was your week?  Link up and share your photos!


Rhonda said...

What a great week! Looks like you had good food, good fellowship, and great company! I have been praying for Joanne.

I have a very close friend who just discovered she has breast cancer, stage 3, in 4 lymph nodes, and her vertabrae. I want to make a button for her too. If my friend, Davina comes to your mind this week, please pray for her and her family. Thanks so much!

Mimi said...

It looks like a beautiful week with that cheesecake & the wedding. The snow not so much.

I want to tell you how much I enjoy coming up with a picture for each day, trying to make them spontaneous and keep them un-edited.

Hugs & love,

Mimi said...

Hmm, my link doesn't seem to be showing up on the list.

Kim said...

You manage to pack SOOO much into a week :)

First photo -- TOO FUNNY! Poor guy, I'd have been tempted to kick a little dog butt...

I'm sorry you keep getting snow. But access to all that yummy sushi might make it worth it! I would love to find a good sushi place here. At this point I have to make my own, and IT AIN'T PRETTY. hahaha (But it doesn't taste half bad.)

I have given up trying to order clothes online or via catalog -- nothing ever fits!

When I think Eastern Orthodox, it brings to mind "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"... but I'm doubtful that's really an accurate depiction :)

Mocha with Linda said...

Fun pictures as always!

RaD said...

Love the pic of the little guy in the tux! That's so classic!

BARBIE said...

Love our photos. Can you believe I didn't take one photo this week? Not one! I am so upset with myself. I think I am making it too difficult waiting for the "perfect picture" Hopefully next week I can think more random and link up!

Ladynred said...

The cheesecake looks good. I might try tat recipe sometime. Thanks
The sushi looks yummy too! Great pictures this week.

Lisa said...

Good fellowshipping week! I can't believe how much snow you have seen this year. Such a nice picture of you and Steve at the reception. :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Cheesecake, dinner with friends, sushi all my favorites. Skoots and I love sushi!

Snow not so much!

That picture of the sweet little boy in the tux waiting for his mom, Just to precious. You ought to frame that and give it it her.

McCrakensx4 said...

That cake looks delish and that fire looks so cozy and warm. I do not miss the cold at all since moving west, however there are times that I do miss snow (as few and far between as those may be! lol) Be safe on those roads. That puppy shot was pretty funny...I think I would have moved, ya know just in case!

The Mrs. said...

Looks like a great week! I plan to join in on the fun next week. Do I just jump right in, or should I start with day 1 and do a catch up post?

Thanks for sharing!

Seizing My Day said...

Such a beautiful wedding... love her little boys face!! too sweet~! Sushi looks yummy too... and I only eat cali rolls! ha ha! =)

Rebecca Jo said...

I love a wedding!!!!!!

that cheesecake looks amazing!!!!

The Bug said...

I love sopapillas - might have to try that recipe sometime. That little boy is so cute in your picture from Saturday.

Amy said...

I love sushi, cheesecake and I hate snow...we have so much in common!!

Great week and I hope next week is just as good.

That One Girl said...

Snowed here on Saturday! No bueno!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Great shots Sara. That dog.... lol... is funny.

Angie said...

Loved the last pic best! Sweet!

Please, send a little snow our way. The rest of the country is getting buried, but DC...nothin!

Your weeks always look like fun! Have another good one!

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

What a fun week you guys were having. Best Wishes to your friend.

Tiffany said...

Looks like you had a GREAT week! I cannot wait to try the cheesecake recipe...yum, yum!

Susan said...

Oh how I wish we had your weather! Right now, it's -20 degrees Celcius (I think that's about -4*F).

My aunt buys from Cold Water Creek she says their clothes are fabulous. Are you going to do a photo fashion show for us?

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

love your pictures. the snow one seems so peaceful

Toyin O. said...

Nice pictures, the cheese cake looks good. Thanks for sharing.

rita said...

Lovely picture of you two!
I must try the sopapilla recipe sometime.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

HowEVER did you get that great shot of S. at the wedding??!! He is such a cutie patootie. I wish I had thought to bring my camera and that I had arrived earlier and not been relegated to the balcony where I couldn't see much of anything. Oh, well.

That dessert looks and sounds amazing. Why do you tempt me so??

Jill said...

A great week. I am going to have to try that Cheesecake recipe! Looks YUMMY!