Friday, January 21, 2011

Letters of Intent

Dear Mother Nature,

I think you have forgotten that I live in the SOUTH and that this is Arkansas.  Sending snow twice in the last week or so is just plain not nice.  Sure, it is pretty as it is falling from the sky and when it is freshly laying on the ground. 

However, this is Arkansas......and people go crazy at just the "mention" of snow. 

Did you see every.single.person head to the grocery store to stock up their pantries with enough food for a week?  Did you see them remove ALL the bread and milk from the shelves?  yes, you and I know that the snow will melt in a day, possibly two, but somehow these people think they will be snowed in for a month! 

Did you also see the people with trucks, 4 wheel drive or very heavy cars RACING down the streets of the city?  Someone obviously didn't tell them that their trucks are great for hauling a dead deer but they don't really do squat on icy roads......though many of them have found that out the hard way!

And have you forgotten the terrain here?  This is Little is HILLY.  I am sure you have watched the people, that do get out and drive, come to the bottom of the hill and STOP to make sure they can make it up....causing every other car to have to stop and ensuring that NO ONE will make it up the hill.

So, Mother Nature, I would love it if you would remember that this is the south.  We don't mind the cold air, too much, but please leave the snow in the NORTH!!!

Thank you very much!


Cathy said...

No, no Mother Nature don't listen to her. Well at least not to sending it to us up here in Ohio. Now, you are more than welcome to send it further north, like say to Michigan or Canada! haha

Mocha with Linda said...

Meanwhile, my daughter is dying for some snow down here in Texas!

Pamela said...

Indiana got 4 inches yesterday. I can handle the snow, but the -14 degree wind chill? Take me somewhere warm fast!

H-Mama said...

We would have loved snow, but you're right... It makes everyone in the south crazy. ha. Snow + hills = scary.

Amy said...

I hear ya!! I am originally from Iowa and couldn't believe when I lived in Conway AR how much a little snow caused so much trouble.

Angie said...

We go crazy outside of DC too, but where's the snow??? You all are hogging it! Ha!

We'd love to have something on the ground to make the windchill worth it!

We'll take it; send the snow our way (Although I don't think my in-laws visiting from Fresno would appreciate it.) :)


I in the south with snow...I live in Alabama. It is pandamonium the mention of ANY kind of bad weather.

StephieAnne said...

Now that you've gotten "Mother Nature's" attention, can you ask that she send the snow to Eugene, Oregon? We don't go quite as crazy here, and I for one, would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

(Super funny post, Sara!)

Mimi said...

Lol, sorry for your luck, but we're sick of it up here too!

Hugs & love,

Rachel said...

Ay yi yi! We need snow here, though most of our neighbors drive stoopid in it, LOL.

Sorry, wishing I could switch with ya!

Foursons said...

I am cracking up because you could be talking about S. Central TX which is where I live. People FREAK out if there is ice on the road. The cities shut down because no one can drive on it. And if we were to get snow (It's been almost 30 years) it would be the top news story for a solid week.

Thanks for linking up and good luck out there!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Let me see if I can explain things to ya...being the Arkansas native that I am.
We just don't get a whole lot of snow, so no one owns tire chains, snow tires, generators, snowsuits, or even sleds!! It's not worth the investment. And then there's our horrible history with the electric companies. My parents were without electricity for over two weeks one winter due to ice. I bet they wish they would have stocked up on a few things at the "Wal-Marts" prior to that storm!
I'm not condoning the madness, because Lord knows I want to hit somebody when I run into Wal-Mart for ONE item and find lines five miles long and nothing on the shelves (come on!! be better stocked up and make do, people!), but I speak from experience when I say it AIN'T fun being literally stranded in your home for days with no electricity, wearing everything you own, unable to cook a thing, and wishing you'd managed a trip to Wal-Mart for some bread and milk. ;)

Tiffany said...

tehehehe! The only time us CO people stock up is if there is over 2 feet predicted. They dont even close school until they get that much.

My sis moved from CO to FL to GA, and she has cracked up every time they have gotten snow this year. Too funny!

Susan said...

Oh this was too cute! LOL. We've been hit with a real subzero cold snap these past three days. These past few years we've been "spoiled" with temperatures as cool as -10*C but never like this weekend of -23*C. We drive a 4x4 (winter tires are mandatory by law in Montreal from Dec.15-March 15) but then again, snowtires are no match for icy roads. Right now our 4x4 wont start! The battery got too cold or something. *shrugs shoulders*

Karin said...

LOL...We have two feet of snow and are getting hit again tonight. Supposed to get another FOOT. Hello? Where are we going to put THAT? There is no room to move it off the roads and they are getting narrower and narrower. At least we have been getting a snow day per week out of the deal, which is fun. :)