Saturday, September 18, 2010

Project 365 - Week 38

Week 38

As usual, it was a busy week at our house, but tons of fun too!!

I even got TWO, yes TWO phone calls from my boy!!!! life is good!

I want all ya'll to know how proud I am of you for sticking with P365 this year. By this time last year, there were only a handful of us still doing it. It is a lot of work, but so worth it in the end. So, keep that camera ready and keep up the good work!!!

Here's my week:


This was the first Sunday of our Heroes of the Faith curriculum.
This is our Hall of Faith.
First up was Gideon.
By the end of the semester, this wall will be filled.


So happy to find these at Sam's again.
One of my favorite snacks!


I have such a BROWN thumb!!!
I can never remember to water these....ugh!


made this for bible study this morning.
This was the BEST blueberry cake I have ever made!!
Go here for the recipe.

I made this for a lunch potluck at work! Yum!!


Worked on the band buttons today.
This machine is amazing....and very fun!


What a beautiful evening for football!!!

Our band is getting better and better!!
They sounds so good tonight!!!
Jared is in the front row, middle

Went to dinner with some good friends tonight.
this was our!

So how was your week?


H-Mama said...

I see a dessert theme going on, yes? Yummy!

Love those buttons!

Girl, you should see my bloom-less pots. Sadly, they didn't survive the Texas heat this year... or is it me? Not sure which? ;)

The Bug said...

Well, here it is at 10:30 at night & I'm craving all that food you just posted - including the edamame!

Fortunately I don't have to have a green thumb - plants are Dr. M's job. I do have one plant at the office - & I have a reminder on my calendar to water it once per week.

Amy said...

Food, Glorious Food. I love edamame (and all the other food looks wonderful too!!)

I also love some high school football and marching band...what a great way to spend a Friday night!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

The food in your week looks so fabulous! Yum!!!
I'm a band geek at heart and always will be! Sometimes, I make my husband drive us to the football field...just for the half-time show! Best part of the game! :)

Tori said...

2 calls in one week? Yahoo!!
Did you use your Indiana blueberries for the cake? Looks delicious!!
What is sparkling around the Hall of Faith letters? Is it lights?
Since you make such great food, you are allowed a brown thumb! :)
I remember using those button machines...they are fun!
Gorgeous sky at the game and more yummy dessert.
Have a great week!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Fun the ribbons off of the bottom. and YUM to all of those food yummy and that layered salad looks awesome; my mom used to make a salad like that. No Friday night football for us this week...we had a bye week...felt a little wierd being home! lol

Christine said...

Girl, you may have a brown thumb, but your skills in the kitchen more than make up for it! I have a brown thumb and bad cooking skills so you're way up on me, my friend! ;)
2 phone calls? That must have made the week twice as good, yes?
And I love the letters of Hall of Faith! The little shimmery points make it outstanding! The kids must love it -- what a great reminder of what they're learning!
I hope you have another wonderful week!

Kim said...

Even though I just ate, your food photos are making me hungry :) Especially that last one of the amazing dessert. Wow!

I have the same problem with plants. My poor plants -- it's either feast or famine with the water :0

Hope you'll give us updated photos of the Wall because this is a great idea!

Is that your button making thing? I'd go crazy with something like that. lol Buttons for everything!

Yay for phone calls from sons! :)

Dena said...

I am so hungry after seeing all the delicious pictures of food! My word they all look very yummy!

I LOVE that you do buttons for the band kids. Our school only does them for athletes. I'd love having one for the band kids. Let them feel important too.

RaD said...

That sunset was beautiful! I'm really likin' your hall of faith wall, I hope you share more in the weeks to come!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'll have to check those out at sams... I love edamane!!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

OMWord...all that food looks so good I love that layered salad. YUM That dessert looks like a dessert from Ruby Tuesdays. Love the band buttons too...they turned out great. I would love one for cheer! Hint hint. LOL
Have a beautiful week. also think the hall of faith is pretty cool too. nice

LuAnn said...

I love all of you food pictures. Thanks for showing the button maker. We have someone do that at our school and I never knew how that worked. Beautiful night for the band to play too.

Jill said...

I linked in this week. I am not sure I can truly keep up but I SURE WOULD like to try!

Love the band buttons and the desserts...must try the edamame beans!!

skoots1mom said...

all your shots are awesome...brings back memories of marching season...would love to dive into that salad
Have a great week with lots of boy-initiated calls ;)
I got to be with my dd this sad to see her go back to college town...still waiting for her 'arrival' call.

Cathy said...

Cute band button and the desserts look wonderful and so does the salad. If I hadn't just eaten supper, I'd probably be hungry after seeing your pictures. lol

Lisa said...

Brown thumb here, too. Its the constant watering that gets me. I'm trying the do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do thing with my kids in hopes they can be expert gardeners for me by age 6. :)

Rita said...

So, I should be proud I am hanging in there, even though I thought it would be getting easier after summer and it's not?!
And I think the flowers look neat, I like the contrast of the tips.
I've thought about getting a button maker (pricey) but it does look like fun!
And what is that yummy, drool inducing dessert?!

Ladynred said...

Love the cake and the sunset!

rita said...

I see I have NOT left a comment yet. Got distracted by the desserts and didn't come back till now :)
Love the Hall of Faith! And the buttons!

Mocha with Linda said...

That last dessert made my mouth water!

Great pics! I don't know why I'm so slow coming over to see them. Oh, yeah - I wasn't home at all on Sunday!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

The Hall of Faith looks great! As does the blueberry cake. Oh, my!!

Breathtaking sky.

Okay. Is that dessert from Cantina Laredo? I've not actually HAD that dessert, but Paul and I recently got away for a quick lunch date there, and I came very close to ordering the apple something-or-other with cinnamon ice cream. Anyway, just a wild guess.

I'm soooo glad you got two calls this week. 'Bout time, huh? ;)