Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Randomness.....again.

After a full weekend and P365,
it seems that random is all you get on Tuesday!

Feeling a little down lately.
Being a pastor's wife is not always a joy ride.
Found out my BFFs, that were planning to come see me for my 50th birthday, can no longer come....major disappointment.
Struggling with God on some issues.

On an up note, I am leaving Saturday for a trip with my mom.
We always enjoy traveling together and I am looking forward to it!!
But I haven't lost the 5 lbs I KNOW I will gain...oh well.
Still going to thoroughly enjoy the food!!!

It is still so stinkin' HOT here.
We are about to break a record of most consecutive days over 90 degrees.
It has been hovering around 97 for weeks....ugh!
Even I, lover of all things summer, am ready for cooler weather!!

My son, who called me twice last week!, asked if he could bring some friends home for Thanksgiving. He has several friends that live too far away to go home. I can so relate. I went to college far from home too and was very grateful to those friends that took me home for Thanksgiving. I told him he could bring as many as he wanted!!! A house full of people on Holidays is how it should be!!!

Started my new bible study last week.
Kay Arthur's Standing Firm in These Last Days.
I am liking it. a lot.
Digging into God's Word...wonderful.

Well, I think that is random enough.
I need to get cleaning.
I am housing 2 guys from Young Life tonight.
I think they would enjoy having clean sheets!!!


Beverlydru said...

Prayers for you today. Winds of refreshing to blow through your head and the kiss of God on your heart. You're a treasure.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

What a blessing you will be to those boys who will be far away from home this thanksgiving! I know they will feel like family around your table and in your home!


Darla said...

you are one of the most together women that i know! and you DO NOT have five pounds to lose...so with that being said, please keep your chin up and know that God uses you constantly reaching women like me who would LOVE to have just a few of your traits. :) i pray blessings for you and your sweet family today. love ya sister!

H-Mama said...

You have such a giving spirit, Sara. (((hugs)))

skoots1mom said...

prayers for a safe trip and relaxing with mommy, yeah!!!!
let the boys cook thanksgiving dinner, hahah in exchange for housing...even if only one dish...they'd have fun with it, i'm sure!

Jewel said...

You have a wonderful spirit, thank you for encouraging me today! Wow, that is hot hot hot! Our high is 90 today, but we've been averaging low 80s, high 70s -- beautiful Fall weather!

Mocha with Linda said...

I think hospitality must be one of your spiritual gifts!

I so relate to the hot. We've been in the upper 90's most of the time two. Yesterday it was "only" 87 when I picked up my girl from school and it felt like a cool front!

Hope you can get over the dumps quickly!

Mimi said...

We've been nice & cool here (70's), but today is 87, blech.

Unlike you, I am not a heat person, lol.

I love that your son is bringing friends home, they'll always remember you!

Hugs & love,

BARBIE said...

Sorry for your disappointment. I am thankful you get to take a trip with your mom! I sure hope it cools down there soon. I love Kay Arthur. Can't wait to hear more about the study.

Lisa said...

Don't worry...you'll be plenty cool in Boston. The weather should be devine, actually...you have picked THE perfect time to be in New England (IMO).

Also, you'll do plenty of walking around the city to burn off the meals you have. :)