Monday, July 26, 2010


So many of you talked about how much you loved old pictures on yesterday's post.  So I decided to show you some of my favorites that we have found.  I had to take pictures of the pictures, so the quality is not that great, but you can still enjoy them!!

This is my father when he was a boy!!  Is he cute or what?!

This is my dad's mom.  
I never got to meet her.  She died when he was just a young adult.  I am so glad that we have some photos of her!!

This is my beloved Aunt pulling the hat down on her sister, my mom!!!
I think this is hysterical and sooo typical of their relationship!!! :)

I love this picture!!
But sadly we do not know who she is.

This is my grandfather, my mom's dad.
I love how he is dressed and the hat!!!
If he were alive, I would be teasing him! 

This is a picture of my other grandfather, my dad's dad, and his sister.....
.....can you tell which is the boy and which is the girl?
I'll let you guess, and tell you tomorrow!

This is my great grandmother on my dad's side.

This is my grandfather and his 3 sisters.
It was so fun to see this picture because I knew them all in their elder years, but these pictures look just like them!!!!

Then I found a photo of this pair....any guesses who it is?

...more on them tomorrow!!!


Deb said...


Wow! What a treasure you've uncovered. I love your favorites! Your dad's picture with the airplane is amazing. I assume many of these will find their way into frames. What a gift for you to have such a visual history of your family.

Sending love,

Rita said...

That picture of your dad is so great - I esp. love the look on his face!
I have no idea which is a girl and which one is a boy - but I love how dressed up all the kids are in the pictures, so precious!
That last one is great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, .... & ...... look just alike!!! it is amazing. It has been fun having her here this weekend.

skoots1mom said...

omGoodness, these photos are amazing...i can see your great grandmother in you, too!
treasure these with acid-free everything :)

Tori said...

Sara, I love these! Your dad, the aviator. Who knew?!
That picture of your aunt and your mom is precious!
I am going to say the older child on the right is the boy, because he has long sleeves under the dress/tunic type shirt.
I think the last picture is you and your brother. That smile sure looks like you.
Have a super day!!

Cathy said...

I love your pictures Sara! So cute. Reminds me of some of the ones from our family. That wouldn't be you in that last picture, would it?

Lois Lane II said...

What amazing pictures! I love going through my parents' old photos. My mom has been working to get a lot of them restored, too, which I love.

Teresa Dawn said...

I'm gonna guess the boy is the older one on the right.

Mocha with Linda said...

Missed this yesterday. I love it!

McCrakensx4 said...

wonderful pics...really love the wedding one. I have all of my grandparents wedding pics framed and hanging in my hallway. Thanks for sharing.