Saturday, July 24, 2010

Project 365 - Week 30

Week 30.
I am currently still at my mom's house working on her basement.  We have gone through, seriously, over 1000 pictures......and she keeps finding more.  In fact, she just walked up to me and said she found THREE more boxes...ugh!  I am seriously done with pictures....not really! :)  Just tired.  You will get to see some in the next week as I plan on posting a few of them.

Anyway, here is my week:
ya...this would be premature gloating with pretzel "cigars".
directly after this Jason was euchred on a loner!!!
and then Jared and I won the game!!! never pays to gloat!

On the road again...ugh!
Taking Jared to band camp for the week.
I forgot to take a picture of him...oh well!
Went power walking with my neighbor tonight...
 ..she about killed me.
especially when she took me up "glut hill"!
I am going to need this advil!!!

Happy Anniversary to my Sweet Heart!!!
26 wonderful years!

but I am in Arizona with my mom.
One thing I love about being here is that we have fun together in the kitchen!!
This is our dinner tonight....

Crab Louie!!!
this was soooo good.
go here for the recipe!!
Mom and I spent the last 2 days going through probably 1000 photos. We weeded them out, put them in groups and then took them this afternoon to a place that is going to scan them all in (all 500 of them) for us. What fun we have had reminiscing, laughing and crying at old photos! But I am glad it is done, my neck hurts!! Now on to the next project.

We had lunch today with a friend of my moms. She has the most impressive and beautiful garden in her back yard. What a thrill to explore it and see all she is growing.

She served us lunch that was made completely from her garden!
My mom, brother and I had dinner tonight. My mom was happy to have her kids to herself for one night...can you tell?

Well, we found MORE pictures...
....I'm wondering if it will ever end!
But this one was so cool. It was labeled on the back. This is one of my relatives on my dad's side of the family and this is his very FIRST car. Not only that, but it was the FIRST car EVER in his town in Alabama!!! Pretty amazing!

 I hope your week was a product as mine!!!


The Bug said...

What a busy week! Boy all the food looked great - and I love those sunflower dishes!

Happy anniversary - hope you get to celebrate now.

LuAnn said...

What a fun week with your mom and all those pictures. Just vacation pictures from me this week. Really need to get in the swing again. Ills me to think of work on Monday. Thankful I have a job-right.

Mocha with Linda said...

Love that last picture especially! Enjoy the rest of your visit!

Rita said...

I just love that you got a picture of the gloating - and that it didn't turn out so well for them - HA! You needed an after shot too!
Another busy week for you, I hope you are enjoying the time with your mom, the food and the company look great!
I love the old photos, how do you pick and choose?!

Esthermay said...

Gloating is bad :(
Gloating with cigars = very very bad :(
---> Funny picture though :)

LOVE the “On the road shots.” I’ve taken plenty myself ;)

FOOD!!!! Crab Louie!!! I did indeed go {here} and I LOVE your new blog!!! We’ve got a family recipe blog too. Isn’t it FUN!!! Must try this recipe. My creation of the day was a roasted potato and spinach salad. (Will hopefully get it up on my blog sometime next week.)

Going through old pictures is timeless – couldn’t you just do it for hours??! Seriously – it looks like fun: reminiscing & laughing & crying. So glad you are enjoying yourself.

Awesome, yummy-looking [is it a] quiche?

...I've missed posting for a few weeks... we've been traveling quite a bit to visit our son Tim and sitting at an actual life-size computer has been a luxury I've quite missed. Nice to be back :)

Have a great weekend, Sara!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh what a fun week. Love all of those old pics...we did that when my Nannie passed away and my mom just told me yesterday that she found 3 more boxes!! How long are you in AZ? Hope you are enjoying the HOT weather...if finally rained here yesterday.

H-Mama said...

Love the 'game face' pic. Too funny. I totally need a power-walking friend... and a 'glut hill'. Hehe...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubs!! I'm sure the time spent with your mom was priceless, as well. Your mother is beautiful... We know where you get it from. :)

Love, love, love this last pic.

Kim said...

Good thing I just ate, or all those yummy food photos would make me hungry :) Glad you've been able to spend time with your mom. What a blessing!

Not going to link up this week. I will, however, have a surprise post up shortly :)

Lori said...

That pic is SO Steve!!!! Talked to Joe J. at the Callahan Grad Open House - told me that Steve had gotten "served". LOL... would have loved to be a fly on the wall!

Great pics this week... the Crab Louie looks yummy! Have a great week!

RaD said...

LOVE all those old pictures. I someday your children will appreciate seeing them as well.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Well after a few day off I am back with a two weeker for my 365!

Loved all your pictures. What a great idea about going thorough all your old pictures. What fun and how great that you had them all scanned. What a great idea!

Love it, love it, love it!


Karin said...

So how many mold spores flew up into your sinuses this week?! :) I love looking at old photos, but the mold...not so much. Very cool about the car. My great-grandparents had the first car in their town in MI, too. How funny!

rita said...

Old photos, I've done a lot of sorting and scrapbooking/albuming for my mother, 4 or 5 books so far. Fun, time consuming, but fascinating to discover family history. Like putting together a puzzle.
And I enjoyed all the ones you posted both days.
I'll be visiting my mother this week for her 89th BD!