Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project 365 - Week 13

Week 13

What a great vacation we had!!!

Get ready, there are A LOT of pictures this week!


We left VERY early this morning to drive to New Orleans to catch the ship. We were rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise!!

First thing they make you do on the ship is gather at your muster stations and go over evacuation procedures. We were in the back against the wall and they kept telling every one to take a step back. This elderly lady was practically on top of Jason!! He was a little creeped out! ha!


We left NOLA in the rain and it stormed all night. Most of the ship it seems was sea sick! Fortunately none of us were. Today was cold and overcast, but still very relaxing!!!

We spent the day playing cards together....

...playing the guitar....

.....reading and looking out over the beautiful ocean!

It was formal night at dinner.....Jason got a hold of my camera and had some fun!


We got off the ship and were greeted by a Mariachi band.....very fun!

We spent the day at the beach. The boys had fun being kids again and building sand castles.

We got back on the ship in the early afternoon and spent the rest of the day on a deck chair..perfect day!!!

Jason got a hold of my camera...again. :)

Today we are in Cozumel

Is that water an amazing color of blue?! It was spectacular!

We took a speed boat to a private beach where we snorkeled, kayaked, enjoyed the pristine white sand and had an amazing lunch.

The boys enjoyed building another sand castle!

What a GREAT day!!!

As we were heading back to the ship, we stopped at a restaurant for a drink and on the back patio, they had these two tubs....not quite sure why but we thought they were funny!!


in the morning, Jared and I went to a towel folding class. So now if any of ya'll visit, I can have a wonderful creation on your bed each night!!!
you know you want to come now!

We learned to make a dog, elephant, stingray, and a was really fun!

This was our table at dinner.
We got seated with a wonderful family from Jonesboro.
We had a lot of fun getting to know them!

you know there is no limit to the fun we Bowyers have!
while waiting for the show to start we goofed around with the camera! I'm sure those around us thought we were a bit strange.

We debarked today to very grey skies and rain. We were hoping to walk around downtown NOLA and see some sights but none of us wanted to do it in the rain.

However, I was determined to try my first beignet!!

I got to cap off a wonderful trip by meeting a great blogging friend!
Rachel from Musings of a Future Pastor's Wife!!!
She directed us (our GPS got us lost, go figure) to Cafe Du Monde and met us there for coffee and beignets!

How fun is that?!
She brought along her beautiful daughter.....who was a bit shy at first.
I think all these boys overwhelmed her! :)

What a perfect ending to our vacation!!
...and the beignets?

My son got in the car and said "wow, those bengays were so good"
ya, we're from Arkansas! ha!

Do you know what this is?

Doing this for children's church Sunday....

It's a close up of a nail like the one that would have been used to nail Christ to the cross...


First time my son has ever peeled...really. he has olive skin that doesn't usually burn.
He didn't believe me that the sun in Mexico is stronger..
...he chose not to use sunscreen because he has never burned before..
...and burn he did time he will listen to his mama!!!

Now it's your was your week?


LuAnn said...

Fun. fun, fun !!!!!!
Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.
Love all the pics, what great memories for all.

Amy said...

Gotta always listen to your mama!! What a wonderful week such amazing pictures. I want to go on a cruise but I am too afraid that I would get seasick. Maybe one of these days. Thanks for sharing a piece of your wonderful fun vacation with us!!

Kim said...

How incredibly fun to see some of your photos! What a wonderful, memory-making trip :-)

I think the tubs were there simply for the amusement of the patrons and for photo ops. lol

My sister-in-law went to Mexico on vacation just recently and posted her photos. Almost makes me want to visit that neck of the woods :-) But we have so much to explore right here first!

Lisa said...

I noticed how burned Jason was in the Tuesday pic...oww!

Your pictures are beautiful! And it looks like a great time! For some reason, I thought Alyssa was joining you as well.

Glad you are back and doing well...or will be when the vacation fuzz wears off! :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I am so totally jealous. My favorite part of our cruise were the towel animals that we found each day when we got back to our bed.

Our cruise was one of the best vacations we ever took!

Glad you had a wonderful time!!!!!


Mocha with Linda said...

What a fun week! Loved the pictures. And how cool that you got to meet Rachel!

So how bummed is your daughter that she didn't get to go?!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a great vaca! And great pics...really liked the ones Jason took at dinner! And the sand and sun...I am a little jealous! I have had those beignets before and they are so very yummy! So glad that you had a fun and relaxing trip!

He & Me + 3 said...

Let me start with...I am so jealous of your vacation. how fun. Then loved the tub...too funny. Very cool about the towel folding class. Loved Jason's pictures. Very cool spoon and cork picture. The beach looked amazing and I am so glad you had a nice time.
gross on the skin peeling:) lol
Praying your sunday school lesson goes well.

StephieAnne said...

Such great pictures and it looks like such amazing family bonding. What a treasure!!!!!

H-Mama said...

Oh. My! Hubs and I have been on 2 cruises and you have given me fever again! So much fun! Your pictures are wonderful... your son takes amazing pictures too!

How can you go to New Orleans and not eat beignets? Seriously. :)

Tori said...

So glad you had such a good time! The pics are great and that water is spectacular!!
I was quite amused at the bathtub picture.
Have a super week Sara!

RaD said...

Wow! Looks like you did cram as much as possible into your week! It looks like so much fun though, how could you resist. I'm lovin' this photo challenge just so you know :)

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Love the pic of Jason and the older lady. Funny expression!

How precious is that picture of your two BIG BOYS playing in the sand?! So bittersweet...

You have to admit, Jason took some pretty cool shots at dinner.

Beautiful water!!

I am SO curious now about the bathtubs on the patio. I truly can't imagine...

Love the beignets at Cafe Du Monde!! Makes me want to take a quick trip southward.

Lots of great pictures! I can tell y'all had a blast on your trip!

Dena said...

What great pictures! I get sick riding in a car sometimes, so I'm pretty sure a cruise is out for me...but the views do look awesome!

I'd love to know what the bathtubs were all about. LOL

Rebecca Jo said...

Cracking up at the "peel"

Love the Sunday picture... doesnt even look real!!!

BTW - I was reading there a book called "An Absense so Great" - a good book & me out on that porch = HOURS passing by!!! :)

Lori said...

Great pictures Sara - looks like you had a wonderful time! Jason's sunburn reminded me of the time in Myrtle Beach when I told Melissa to use sunscreen - "yah yah Mom" - boy, was she a hurtin pup... Now she listens a little :-). I can not get over how mature Jared looks - Do we really have kids that old?

rita said...

Great week of photos!
Reminded me of our five years on a ship. (None of us were troubled with sea sickness. You either are or you aren't.) Ours was a missionary ship, not the fancy entertainment or food you had ;)

Linda said...

i really liked the photo of you gazing out your balcony. now that looks like it was truly a delightful, RELAXING vacation! glad to hear you got some rest.

Joyce said...

I loved your pictures...looks like lots of family fun. I love the sand's fun to see our growing up kids having a good time doing something they loved when they were young.

I'm fixing a cup of tea and I sure do wish I had a beignet to go with! Happy Easter!

fransmomma said...

fabulous, fabulous, fabulous pictures! its been awhile since i stopped by and i'm glad i did. i've decided those might be the bathtubs from the corona commercial (i think its corona), where they're on the beach in bathtubs, drinking their coronas. at least that helps it make sense. :)
glad you had a great time away. we head to atlanta for vacation next week. cant wait!

shell said...

I love where my kids are at, but this post made me SO look forward to them being old enough that I can enjoy their company and they can really enjoy each other! Looks like you had a blast!!