Friday, December 18, 2009


Most of you know that it has taken me a while to get into the Christmas spirit this year.

However, I am happy to say that I am so there now!!! I am loving my house all decorated and at night I just sit on my sofa and smile as I look around. Most of my decorations have deep meaning to me and it just makes me happy looking at each one.

I am too late to be in the Christmas tour of homes, but I wanted to share a bit of my Christmas with you!!

We'll start with my tree. All of mine and my husband's childhood ornaments are on the tree. Plus each of my kids that they have made over the years or in their collection. On top is an angel that my Aunt gave us our first year of is so special to look at this year as we miss her presence.

One of my favorite ornaments is a nail. It is prominently in the front reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas.

I received these blocks after my Aunt died. She kept these out all year long at her home and I always admired them. It means so much to me to have them out in my home.

I love my willow tree figurines. These are my favorites!

My mantle. I have worked and worked to get it just the way I want it over the years. For the first time this year, I think it is perfect!!

I collect Santas and Angels. This is one of my Santa corners.

This is one of my favorite nativities. My mom brought it back from Israel to me.

These Santas were hand made by a woman in Indiana. I love them. She created a new Santa each year representing a different country or culture.

This is one of my most treasured items. My son painted this for me 2 years ago.

This is my willow tree took me a while to collect it all, but I love it!

This tree has so much meaning. When we left Indiana, all our friends gave us this tree and each gave us an ornament to go on it! The tree skirt was made by my grandmother.

I have so many more things in my house, but I think this is long enough!

I hope you have enjoyed a peek into my home and my Christmas memories!!!


Karin said...

Sara...thank you for posting your photos. I LOVED seeing your decorations and hearing about the meaning behind them. :) Half my stuff is still packed since we are only renting, so I won't be taking pics of my house. :))

rita said...

Everything is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow, so beautiful. I loved seeing it all and hearing the special memories it has for you.

Edie said...

Your Christmas tree is beautiful and I love your mantle too. Your son paints wonderfully!

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

It all looks so wonderful! I loved reading about the memories and meaning behind the decorations.


Deven said...

Looks amazing! You and I have TWO of the same nativity sets. My in-laws traveled to Israel years before I was a part of the family and purchased a set for each of their four kids. They gave the sets to them when they got married, so it's been with us for the last eight years. I also have the Willow Tree one, and I love it. It was a product of many years' Christmas presents from my mommy. :)

StephieAnne said...

It all looks fantastic! ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY! Have a super time just soaking in Christmas with your family!

Jill said...

Your house is just CHARMING!!! So festive and warm!

Darla said...

i love how your decorations are tied with sentimental meaning, i do christmas this way too. there are great reminders each year of special people and times. i especially love your son's painting!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Such special, lovely things! Thanks for sharing, Sara!

fransmomma said...

we have that same nail ornament, AND i collect santas too! ha! your house is beautiful. i've been wanting a willow tree nativity for a couple of years. i may buy one this year if they go on clearance after christmas.
and your mantle is beautiful!
job well done, girl!

LuAnn said...

Everything looks just great. I also like all the things with such special meaning.

Your home looks so warm and inviting. We also have the nail ornament. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your Christmas season as you celebrate our Saviors birth with Steve and the kids dear friend!!

Cathy said...

Sara, that is all so beautiful. I love both trees and all your Santas! Your mantel is so pretty too.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

*gasp* I have that same nail ornament!! (Although, I don't recall seeing it this year. Hmm...maybe one of the kids hung it.)

Willow Tree is my VERY favorite nativity collection! I've been wanting one for years!

And I think you're right...your mantle DOES look perfect!

Beautiful decorating, Sara!!