Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Dozen

Well, I am sitting on the plane, the first leg of my trip home, and am still amazed that I can get internet up here!!! crazy!! However, it was taking a bazillion years to upload pictures (can't have everything!) so instead of getting caught up on Project 365, I am joining Linda at 2nd cup for her Random Dozen.

Pictures to come soon.......I promise!

1. On an average, how often do you splurge and buy something for yourself? this all depends on if you are talking a latte (at $3+ it is a splurge) or something bigger. I tend to splurge on a good latte about once a week on my way to bible study. As far as something else, I'm not sure how often but it tends to coincide with me feeling down! :)

2. Are you more like Hall or Oates? Just kidding. Real question: What is the last creative project you began/finished? Feel free to post a pic of it. The word "finished" is the key here. And that would be my bedroom. unfortunately I can't post a picture, but it looks awesome and I love it!! And the best part....I finished every detail!!!

3. OK, Goldie Locks, do you consider your house too big, too little or juuuust right?juuuuust right! Although when the kids are gone, I would like to go smaller.

4. What is your favorite outdoor chore? you mean people have favorite outdoor chores? Let's see, my favorite outdoor chore would be making sure that the deck chairs are in just the right position to get the best amount of sun!!!

5. If you knew that cigarette smoking was not bad for your health but would be a weight loss tool, would you use it? Why or why not? Nope....why trade one hazard for your health (being overweight) for another?

6. On a road trip, would you rather drive or ride? I would much rather a book and sleep the hours away!

7. What do you consider a trivial pursuit? trying to please everyone

8. This weekend, we downloaded the movie "Duplicity" with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. Within 5 minutes, I was bored and annoyed, but I kept watching 5-10 minutes at a time hoping it would get better between small chores. I finally gave up and Jorge watched it alone, and then regretted wasting that time because he disliked it intensely, too. So ... how long do you watch a movie or read a book before giving up on it? 10 - 20 minutes into the movie and I would be done. My daughter, however, HAS to finish the movie even if it is the worst she has ever seen. I usually give a book about 5 chapters.

9. Is there a song that you really love but are embarrassed to admit because it's not cool or it's racy or because it's by Hall and Oates? can't think of one

10. On a scale of 1-10 (10 = extremely) how spontaneous are you? 10++++

11. Are you a food and/or beverage snob? Nope. you'd think with cooking I do I might be but I have been known to eat just about anything.

12. Who/What are you trying to control in your life? (I hear people gulping and see them sweating in anticipation of how to answer this one.) I try to control just about everything, if I am honest, but I am working very hard not to.


Sara said...

I've learned al lot about people today with this one.

LuAnn said...

Safe travels - loved your dozen answers.

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved your answers!