Thursday, October 8, 2009

Better Late than Never....Project 365

Well, I can't believe that after 39 weeks, I missed week 40!!! I have to tell you though that I really needed this week off....from everything! I probably would have made it, though, had my dad not had a dinosaur computer....uploading pictures was just too long. Not only did I miss posting on Sunday, but a missed a day this week. That has happened only a couple of times this year, but I was on overload by that day......hence the need for a break.

And I had a great one!!! So good to see my family. My best friends from Indiana came to spend a few days with me and I even had 2 good friends from my childhood drive down from Phoenix to visit with me (Thanks Margaret and Susie! So great to see you both! Btw Margaret, that book was GREAT!!)

So here was my week 40:

our drama for this week's children's church
The sailors are confronting Jonah and about to throw him over board into the sea.


We spent the morning at the school taking pictures of the band kids for spirit buttons. This is my oldest goofing off!


Completely missed a picture today.
I had to work extra hours, had some stressors going on, needed to clean the house and still had to pack for my trip the next morning.

I got it all done, but no picture...:(


The sure sign that I am home!!!
it's the first place we stop on the way home from the airport!


Lunch with my mom and brother!
I don't get to do this very often.

My hero brother killing a rattle snake at my mom's house.
Notice the shelf he is using for a shield and the golf club to kill it. Not really very smart, but he nailed the snake on the first whack!!

Super man!! :)

One big snake.....glad it is gone!!!


my mom and dad left town last night
and my 4 best friends from IN came in to spend the weekend with me!


Today I took them up the mountains. To show them how you can be on the desert floor and within 1 hour up in the forest

This was taken 1/2 way up.
It was 87 degrees when we left Tucson and by the time we got to the top of the mountain, it was 50 degrees....too cold for these ladies to get out and get a picture! ha!

This was taken in Sabino Canyon
The AZ desert is known for the sahauro cactus.


Today we had brunch at the Congress hotel where Dillinger was captured.
they have an awesome bloody mary bar.

my brother and his wife joined us.

this is one of the things I miss about my home...
..the amazing sunsets!!!

I know that many of you still posted your 365 post on Sunday. But I will have Mr. Linky here so that you can link up to this post if you want!


Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Sounds like your week was full but a lot of fun. How fun to visit with family and friends! And that sunset is amazing!

Lorri said...

I always love your pictures when you come out to Arizona! You should host a day when everyone tells their crazy ways they have killed a rattler. My brother in law killed one with a shovel outside of their house last summer. Great fun!

Mocha with Linda said...

Fun pictures. Except the snake gave me the creeps.

rita said...

Your week was similar to mine in that it was a time of reconnecting with childhood closest cousin--a rare occurrence indeed.
So glad that the way you set up this project allowed for down times, non-rigid-perfection. God knows we need those times of refreshment and change.

TCKK said...

Great pictures Sara and I especially love the sunset picture. Beautiful!!

2Thinks said...

Good times! I did not get my pics up on Sunday. I had the blogger blues and posted a bit about those on, um, Wednesday, I think. Anyway the green grass grows all around (except maybe in Arizona) and all is well.

Don't believe I could make it in any state where snakes that big actually reside and rattle- in driveways- or anywhere in the entire state. Unbelievable! Your brother is the hometown hero for sure and should hang that snake on a mount in his living room.

Love it that you've been hanging with friends- such a good, good thing!

Kim said...

Wow, what a sunset!

Such a fun week! The "superman" photo cracked me up :-)

Wonderful photos of what I'm sure are great memories. So glad you had a good visit with family and friends!

Margaret said...

Sara: It was great to see you. I'm sorry I missed your parents and Larry. Megan & I stopped at Eegees on our way out of town. I wish they had them in Phoenix. I'm looking forward to reading the book this weekend on our way to Disneyland. Margaret

StephieAnne said...

Sara, between the snake and the sunset - your pictures were amazing. (I especially like the DQ sign in the sunset picture....a pic of all things glorious!).

Hope your transition back home is a good one!