Monday, October 5, 2009

I can't believe I missed it!!!

Can you believe that after almost 40 weeks...
..I missed posting project 365!

I apologize to all of you who stopped by for it
and promise to post later this week.'s just that I have been having the most fantastic time with my friends.
Still taking pictures, just no time to post!!

Plus my dad's computer is ancient and slow
and I have not been in the mood to fight with it.

So, I will be heading home Wed and will post everything then!

Can't wait to get caught up with ya'll!!


Mocha with Linda said...

Into every blog a little real life must fall! Glad you're having a great time!

SusanD said...

hahahaha! I missed posting too. We've been so busy painting that today is the first day I've been on a computer and it's at work. I'll upload pics as soon as I can. Glad you're have a fab time. Blessings, SusanD

2Thinks said...

Guess what I found out? There is actually such a thing as a husband feeling like he has been replaced by a blog. So, I have had to pare it back, too, my friend. You know there's a problem when you find yourself thinking:
"If only I could have my own apartment where I could go and blog to my little heart's content and let the rest of my family go hang." Now that is very, very bad.

Do what needs doing, we'll read your blogposts as you put them up, whenever you can put them up.

I wonder how many bloggers out there are struggling with the fallout of overblogging.

LuAnn said...

Glad you are able to enjoy friends and family - don't worry about us - we will still be here when u get home. Enjoy :)

Lisa said...

I was going to say what LuAnn did. We'll be waiting for you and I'm glad you are getting some fun times IRL! :)

Sara said...

LOL! Sara you are too funny. You lasted longer then me and you are apologizing for being late?
You are so silly. I heart you!

Michelle said...

i just start my 365 over on flickr.....i'm so bad at this...i always forget.