Saturday, September 13, 2008

IKE.......I don't LIKE you!!

Because of IKE, we had to get Alyssa on the road by 10 am yesterday morning. Isn't it horrifying funny at times when you see one of your spouses traits come blasting out of one of your kids?!! Alyssa is extremely detailed and a planner (typical first born) and having to spontaneously get ready to leave and pack the car all in an hour about did her in. Her dad is very detailed pretty much fly by the seat of my pants and loosen the two of them up!!! :)

Hence, there is no cute picture of her holding her "cake" in her new car heading back to school!!! Ya, I mentioned getting the camera and got a look that said "don't you dare!"

She did make it back to school before all the weather and all is good!

IKE decided to try and mess up another big event in my life last night. We have our first marching band at LRCA and this was their first performance. Both my boys are in the band, my oldest is the drum major.

I say that IKE tried because there were about 40 moms sitting in the bleachers at the school in the pouring rain praying very fervently that the rain would stop so that our kids in the band could march for the very first time in our school's history!!

If I were you, I'd stick with the praying moms!!

2 minutes before half time, the rain just stopped!!!! It was awesome! Our kids did an amazing job and they were able to play the rest of the game (no more rain)in the stands too. They played our team to a victory!!!

Enjoy some pics!

This is how we watched the first half of the was POURING!

Rain stopped, band kids are praying bfore taking the fields....I do love that about a christian school

Look at those formations! Most of these kids have never marched before! My oldest is the drum major in the middle!

2nd son is right in the middle/back playing his french horn....not easy to march with!

Their last piece was awesome. Jason got down and joined them! I wish I could show it on video!

My two boys....the one sticking out on the right and the one to his right!!!

IKE is due to really hit here tonight and give us rain (which we don't need) for the next five days. Have I mentioned how sick of the rain I am?!!!! But as bad as that might be, it is not NEARLY as bad as what my friends in Southern Texas are dealing with.....praying for each of them today!

I don't like Ike!!


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Anonymous said...

The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective!

Glad your kids got to march last night and Alyssa got off safely!