Saturday, August 23, 2008

An unplanned hiatus....

Well, I didn't plan to not blog for a week, however that is how it ended up. I have been reading everyone else's blogs, but have not had the time nor mental power to write on my own....I'm sure you know how it is! Let's see if I can recap my week in bullet points:

*work bright and early Monday. Found out a sweet, young girl in our building was in ICU after having her first baby. During the C-section, the surgeon nicked her intestines. The toxins were flowing into her body for several days before they found it and she was near death with infection. She is recovering, but still in for a long haul. Please pray for Bethany if you can.

*It has rained ALL week. I am an Arizona girl at heart and I need some sunshine!!!

*We found out mid week that they are going to total my daughter's car. When taking it apart, they found there was much more damage than they could see. Hearing that, made me realize just how protected she was and how close to being seriously hurt she was...not good for a mother's heart!

*Same day, looked up on the wall of my living room and there is a huge blister of water under the paint!!! My new roof (got a new roof this summer from hail damage) was leaking......and it was still raining buckets!!!!

*Thursday, had to leave work early with a fever and have been in bed ever since. I got up long enough to take my daughter to the airport yesterday as she heads back to college.

*Heard water running, gushing, yesterday and went outside to find one of the main pipes to the sprinkler system had some how busted and we had a mini geiser in our yard.

*woke up this morning, feeling better, but it's still raining!!! argh!!!


When I go back to my first point, it puts everything else in perspective. Bethany had a beautiful baby girl, but has not been able to even hold her. Her young husband is at home caring for the new born (he needs a lot of prayer!). And even though I talk to her almost daily when she comes into the coffeeshop, I have no idea if she knows the true healer. I am praying I have the opportunity to find out in the future!

I am so amazingly blessed. Yet, how easily and quickly I let my circumstances pull me down and I find myself pouting and mad at the world.....Sarah's blog yesterday reminded me inner 3 year old has been coming out!!

I was just having a talk with my daughter last week. She was having a bit of a pity party about not being back at school and losing her car, etc. I told her she needed to reach down and grab her bootstraps and make the best of the situation...quit making the rest of us suffer too!!! And you know what....she did, I am so proud of her! Now I need to turn around and have the same talk with myself.

Everything that has happened this week can be fixed...and will be....except for maybe the rain.

And you know what.....

.........I may not get any SUNshine today,

but I do know where I can go to get some SONshine......

..........that, my friends, will be even better!!!



Elaine said...

Hey girl...interesting week.

You have had a FULL summer. Hope the fall is just as FULL of all the things of the Spirit!

Christine said...

Sorry to read about your challenging week. I know you know this, but I'll say it anyway....The bad ones, if handled correctly, can make us stronger - because we MUST depend upon our Lord. He's got ya covered...and He's never surprised. God is good all the time!
Thanks for being honest!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Now that was a rough week. But you have an amazing attitude. Not to be corny, but honestly it kind of sets an example without being preachy in a devotion. Blessed Sunday, Sara.

Proud Italian Cook said...

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