Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm her HERO!

At least for today, she said, because I made her steak for dinner and "the cake" last night! She's so easy to please!!!!

We are having to send her back early today (very sad and heavy heart) because of Ike. Trying to get her back before the worst of the weather. Seeing her did wonders for my mother's heart, I'm trying hard not to complain about how short it was!

We have been busy getting the car settled, buying the extra stuff she needs, making said cake and getting the car, no big post today.

However, if you want a good laugh to start off your day, go watch this video..........



shell said...

I missed Tommy and Hunter while they were at K today-I can't imagine weeks without them! You are a good mom to make her cake! Will the hurricane weather pass you guys, like the last one?

Rachel said...

SO glad you guys had a good time! These hurricanes are a pain, aren't they?