Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh where, oh where did my little luggage go?

Okay, so it is not so little, but I would still like it back!!! Especially since it is carrying 8 pounds (yes 8) of the best coffee I have ever tasted!!!! .....I fell in love with more than just the children in Romania!

I am currently waiting on a phone call from United.....if you ever have to fly, stay far, far away from United Airlines (sorry Kathleen, but this has been a nightmare)!!!! I spent 3 hours on the phone yesterday talking to 5 different people, in India I think, who have no idea where my luggage is........what is that bar code on the luggage ticket for?

They actually tried to tell me at one point that I must have flown another airlines because they couldn't find me in their computer............hmmmmmm, that's why my itinerary AND ticket stub say that point, I really wanted to reach through the phone and hurt someone!!

They then suggested that I go down to the airport, 30 minutes away, and check because apparently the lady that I filed the report with never put the report into the computer. So, I drive to the airport only to find NO luggage and for them to tell me they think my luggage is at the Dulles airport and should be in that evening............ and no we will not reimburse you for your gas or your ticket to get out of the airport!!!............argh!!!!!

Can you feel my frustration?!?!!!!!!!

So, now after sleeping off my anger, my husband and kids stayed far away from me last night

(frustration + jet lag = not pretty!),

I called United and very nicely asked if my luggage made it last night. They were in the middle of getting a flight off and said they would call back in one hour.....................



Mark W said...

Maybe someone at United is sitting back and having a nice cup of coffee!
The second time I came back from St Lucia I openned my suitcase at Midway and found.... 1 womens pump right on top...???

Christine said...

I'm sorry to read about your trouble with your luggage. I hope it turns up and SOON. But at least it won't spoil. ;)