Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm back........

At least physically...............my heart is still in Romania!

We got in late last night after about 38 hours of traveling. I am incredibly tired today and can't seem to focus on anything very long. So, the stories will have to wait until I can get my brain working.......but I will leave you with a few of my favorite pictures!

One of my favorite babies in the baby hospital. She is mentally disabled and blind, but loved to be held and sung to....more stories on her later.

At the end of camp, we had a muscle man/woman contest......hilarious!!!

Me and Emese at the top of the hill above camp....beautiful!

This is Paula, one of the educators that works with the kids. We became fast friends and I so enjoyed spending time with her.

This is Marga on the left and Kati on the right. Both girls were on my team!



Elaine said...

So glad you're back. Can't wait to hear about your experience!

Mark W said...

Looks like you had a blast!

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

Sara, I'm glad you're back safe and sound. I know you're probably still processing all of your experience. I'll look forward to hearing more about it. those relationships forged in that short amount of time can be inexplicably strong. I praise God for your willingness to go. Also--on a much different, much more shallow note: thanks for helping with the wallpaper decision!