Friday, August 1, 2008

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth...... luggage was found!!

I have to say that this was the worst experience I have ever dealt with. I have never had to talk to so many people that really could care less whether they helped me or not before. Honestly, Wed. night I felt that finding it was a lost cause because I had hit a wall and had no one else to call.

I finally got a person at the airport yesterday morning that was not only nice, but tried to help me and even called me back when she said she would. She was awesome! She worked hard and found 2 of our pieces of luggage, one being mine, and said they would be delivered yesterday........a round of hallelujah chorus would have been appropriate about then!

But.....alas.....yesterday came and went........and no luggage.

I called back to United this morning and I would tell you the conversation, but I don't think I could be nice about it. Instead of getting the nice employee, I got the very angry, I-hate-my-job employee. She was not happy to hear from me....I know that because she sighed very heavily and told me that she was tired of me calling every day.......yes, it's true........I really wanted to answer: well, if you would find my luggage, I would be happy to quit calling!! But just as I was about to lose control, she put me on hold and the nice employee came on.....yippee!!! We got everything worked out and in less than 2 hours, I had my luggage!!!!!

......I am seriously worn out!!!

But, it wasn't over. God had a lesson for me in there. As I was showering later......I was, to be honest, praying that on the hateful woman's next trip her luggage would get lost. I know that is not nice, but I was still so angry at being treated like that. ..... God spoke to my heart..........Sara, you've just been on a trip and seen first hand what a lost, hopeless life looks like. There are just as many lost and hopeless lives here. Quit being mad and pray for this woman. Ouch!

Wow, how like my God to gently speak truth into me when I am being just as hateful as this woman, just silently.

Thank you, Lord!

So, I will be praying for her............

and I promise....the next post will be about Romania!!! (thanks for letting me vent!)


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Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

Girl, you are walking CLOSE with the Lord. I wish I could hang around you for a day or two and pick up what it is about you that allows this.