Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Here!!

I have been planning this trip for 7 months now and it is finally here! Tomorrow morning I leave for Romania and a chance to have an impact for God on a group of orphans......and anyone else I meet along the way! I have been packed for TWO days.......I know you are impressed. I even impressed myself! ha! But when you can only take one suitcase for 10 days and it has to include your sleeping bag and towels and it can only weigh 50 lbs and you are packing for warm weather and cold weather, it doesn't leave you much room. My preliminary packing came out to 40 lbs!!! Now you are doubly impressed, right?!

I would love for ya'll to be praying for me and my team while we are gone. I am hoping to be able to blog some while I am there to keep you updated, but here are the prayer requests:

1. safe and smooth travel, we fly from LR to Dulles to Munich to Romania then a bus ride = long day and many opportunities for delays!!!

2. unity and cohesiveness in our team

3. God would prepare the hearts of the children we will be ministering to

4. God would prepare our hearts to be open and aware of where He is working and where wants us to join Him.....all along the way, not just in Romania.

5. Good health for our team and for our families we are leaving behind

Thank you!

As I sit here, I am just jittery with energy!!! I still have a bible study to lead this morning and a few details to still work out........I need to stay focused!!!! But I am way too excited!!!

So, see you in two weeks!!



shell said...

I WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!! have an amazing time, I am so jealous, what a great opportunity. just remember, any delays, god already knew and there is a reason! cant wait to see pictures and updates!

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Sara, I will pray for you as you are probably in the midst of traveling right now. Thanks for stopping by my new blog! Stop by again. Take care, Julie

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

I cannot wait to hear all about your trip. God bless you. Be sure to tell us all about it.