Monday, July 21, 2008

From Romania

Well, I have a quick moment on the internet....which is spoty at best here! We arrived after 24 hours without too much trouble, only 4 suitcases didn't make it from our team...2 personal, 2 with supplies. It is so beautiful here!!! Not what I expected at all. I wish I could download some pictures, but will have to do that when I get back.

the first day we were here, we visited the hospital where the orphaned babies are. that was so incredibly sad. these babies in cribs in a drab hospital. the toddlers were in two rooms behind a locked door with NO adult supervision. The little babies were around the corner and down the hall in cribs....again with NO adult supervision. they were so sweet and loved being held and played with. It was hard to leave because they all cried when we put them back in the cribs. We visited one of the few orphanages that is still open in the afternoon. That was very fun. I played basketball with a few kids and I think they were surprised that I could make so many baskets!!! However, it was sad to see how "hard" these kids are. Even in that short time you could make out their "cast" system...which kids were in charge (bullying) and which weren't. we fell in love with a little deaf girl who obviously didn't get much attention. What an amazing smile she had!

In the evening, we walked around town. We have all discussed that it seems the Romanians lack joy. they don't smile much and if you smile at them on the street they never smile back. we were getting ice cream and this man had an apartment above us and heard us laughing and came down to meet us. He was an american and said he didn't even hear our english but it was our laughter that caught his attention. He said that romanians don't laugh like that. very sad.

We visited a local church Sunday......interesting in romanian. Nana tried her best to translate for us. But it was fun singing the songs in english while hearing them in romanian. We then visited each of the livada group homes and played with the kids......very fun!!! we have had their names and pictures for months and it was just awesome being able to meet each one in person!!! I can't wait to get to camp with them!!! We leave tomorrow morning.

Okay, I typed this fast and don't have time to proof.....there is a line waiting behind me to use the computer! I probably won't have time to do this again before I come home, but keep praying for us and for the kids....that we can really meet their needs at camp and develop relationships. Pray that God would be very evident to them through us!!!

La revedere!!!!



Christine said...

I'm praying for you and for the children.

Joshua Hurlburt said...

Thanks for the comments. That is awesome.