Tuesday, July 15, 2008

God is good!!!

All the time, but specifically in two ways this morning!

First, thank you to all who prayed for me yesterday....I actually woke up this morning totally fine!! I feel great! And have plenty of energy to get everything done on my list.

Second, God protected my son yesterday. He was driving to his girlfriends house, who lives out a windy road in the country, and his front tire blew. He lost control of the car and served to miss an oncoming car, went into the ditch, came out and went into the ditch on the other side, where a witness said that his car nearly rolled over! He is fine....his car is not. The driver of the car he nearly hit, was a young pastor and he stopped to help Jason and gave him a ride to his girlfriend's house to call us. I am so thankful today for the angels that protected Jason!! The full impact of the situation hit him last night when he realized had he hit the car, he could have died but also he could have injured the 4 month old baby in the back of the pastor's car. He is feeling very blessed this morning and is a little bit wiser about the perils of driving.

It is times like this that I am so thankful for my God who controls and sees every situation and who holds my children in the palm of his hand!


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