Monday, June 9, 2008

Not Smart

Well, I have never tried to pretend that I was the smartest apple on the cart...but, today I proved that I wasn't!

I upgraded to a new cell phone today and couldn't wait to call my friend on it. dinner was late (we were at verizon for two hours) and I needed to get it on the table. So, what is a girl to do? Of Course!! both at the same time!! However, as I tried to get the lid off my crockpot with one hand, all the steam came rushing out and really burned my last three fingers on my right hurts!!!!!

Blogging may be put on hold for a few days because I am not good at typing with only two fingers....this post has taken me forever!!!

Note to self: some of us are not good multitaskers

1 comment:

Kelley said...

I forgot to ask how your fingers are doing? You seemed normal at Bible study. I hope you are able to blog again. I know I rarely comment but I do love reading what you say!