Thursday, June 12, 2008

One Amazing Dad!

Father's Day is coming up this case you forgot....and I just wanted to do a tribute to my wonderful husband. God could not have brought a more amazing man into my life and I am truly blessed. He is my best friend and an incredible dad. When I see him as a dad, I see God in him because that is his roll model. Steve grew up without a dad in his life. Sure, he had some great role models, his grandfather, baseball coaches, friends, but I truly believe his gift as a dad came directly from his eternal father.

We will be traveling on Father's Day this year, coming home from visiting his family in Wichita (we leave later today), and I won't be able to do our usual father's day stuff (brats on the grill, relaxing by the pool, golf on the TV). So, here is a tribute to you, honey....some of my favorite pictures and memories! Thanks for being such a great dad and an even better husband! I love you so much!!!

He knows the value of family vacations and has always prioritized "family time"!

Still loves to "cuddle" with his grown daughter!!!

This was a common picture in our house....Steve, down on the floor with 'the boys'!

Final moments and goodbyes with his favorite four legged friend, Zach. They both loved each other dearly for 15 years.

I am not sure why this picture is so small, but Steve also knows the value of alone time for "us". He has always made sure we have had some kind of vacation, just the two of us,
every year.

Always willing to "get goofy" with the kids and play whatever game they wanted to play!

This is one of my favorite pics! I wish I could get it bigger!!! This is after a LONG night with Alyssa and he had finally gotten her to sleep on his chest.....priceless!
I just think he is sooooo handsome in this picture!!!

Again, always up for a game....notice the "rally cap".....he was losing!!!!

Love you, Steve!!! I am looking forward to so many more wonderful years with you!

Empty nest here we come!!!!!

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Kelley said...

Oh, Sarah, those were priceless pics! Jesse even came over to see your beautiful family. It sure is wonderful to see a family who loves each other so much!!! Btw, I would LOVE to see Steve preach wearing his hat like that! LOL