Sunday, May 25, 2008

8th grade graduation....worst mom hair doo!

So it has been a crazy busy week.  I got Alyssa home and she is doing well.  She was sore for a few days, but is now feeling more like herself.  Thanks for all the prayers!!! Now pray we will get through this "adjustment" period of her being back in the family........Linda, I need more advice!!!

On Thursday, my "baby" graduated from 8th grade!!!  He was presented with 2 awards at the ceremony......honor roll for the whole year (93% or higher) and Best in Class in art!  We are so proud of him.  But I can't believe all my children are now in high school or did that happen!!!

So, I gave myself the worst mom award at the ceremony.  A few weeks ago, we received an email from the school telling of the graduation schedule.  At the bottom of the email (this is my attempt at putting the blame on someone else!), there was a request to send in pictures of your child for the slide show.  I sat there and thought of the best pictures to send of Jared............and then the thought was gone....forever!  The night before the graduation, they had a BBQ for the kids and families and the moms started talking about it around the table.  I dropped my fork and gasped as I realized I had forgotten!!!  I made myself feel better as every mom, but one, at the table had also forgotten.  "it will be a very short slide show" I told myself.   Well, at the end of the ceremony (and the very long slide show) my son comes up to me and says "mom, I was not in ONE of those pictures, but YOU were in TWO"!!  .........Yes, I made the 8th grade graduation slide show and my son did not (I know I am hearing a collective awwwwwwwe).  Some mom had taken pictures of their child at a school function and captured me in the background (close background), go figure.........he's a boy, it won't scar him too much.......right?!!

So, on to some brighter new doo!!  I needed something easy because I am taking a mission trip to Romania this summer and we will be staying in a place with irregular electricity.  What do you think?!  Not the greatest picture, but you can get the gist.   I LOVE it and it took me all of FIVE minutes to do this morning!!!

The funniest thing is that everyone at church today asked me if I had gotten a perm.  Now, I have been here for 1 1/2 years and have had curly hair for the whole time!!!!  I do straighten it on occasion, but for the most part my hair is always curly!!!  And with being the pastor's wife, most people see me every Sunday.   I guess for some reason this cut makes my curls come out.....too funny!

Well, I may not be blogging for the next week.  I am leaving in the morning to drive my kids back to Indiana to see all their friends.  I promised them a weeks trip at the end of the year.  So, I don't know if I will have much time to blog.  Please pray for safety on the roads (11 hour drive) and a fun time for my kids.  

Happy Memorial day!


Linda said...

Ah, "Back Home Again, In Indiana ...." Love the new 'do! And yes, we have to talk about this kid thing. It is trying, for sure!

Christine said...

I love your new doo - and it was even better in person! Good to see you too! I'm glad to hear you're back home safely. I thought it was awesome to see you in the coffee shop this morning. It kept you all in my mind throughout the day and I kept praying for your trip home. Glad it was good.