Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back from vacation!!!

Well, the kids and I made it back safely from Indiana.  We had a great, but busy week.  I felt like a cruise director trying to get the kids to see all their friends and see mine too....but it all worked out and we had a blast.  I have lots of pictures and stories to tell. First, 3 years ago, while we were still in IN, God called me to lead a HS girls small group.  I totally ignored the call because I didn't think I would be good at it or be able to relate to the girls......guess who won out?!  I ended up having the honor of leading a great group of girls, 3 of which still keep in touch with me regularly.  

This is Kat.  She graduated last Friday and will be attending IU next year.  She saved her last ticket for me to be able to attend her graduation.  I am sooo proud of this girl!!  She is an amazing student, accomplished athlete and a very godly young woman.

Next graduation was Brianna's.  I didn't get to attend it, but was so happy to spend time with her.  This is one determined young woman, who worked her way through HS and still had amazing grades.  She will be attending Purdue in the fall.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for her!!

Allison is still in HS and will be a senior next year.  She always makes me laugh and is such a joy to be with.  I still can't believe that these girls want to hang with me......it blows my mind.  I love all of them!!!

The funniest story of the week was my sweet, youngest boy, Jared.  He asked if he could meet some friends at the mall to hang out and I said yes.  So, we got to the mall and waited and waited, but his friends didn't show up.  My heart was breaking because I thought his friends had ditched him and I told him that we better go.....he was so sad.  Just as we were walking out, this car drives up and five GIRLS jump out screaming, yes screaming...... "Jared!!!! Jared Bowyer!!!!" They all surround him jumping up and down laughing and giggling!!!
 My actual response was........ "huh?"

 This is Jared, my baby, who doesn't know about girls, I expect this for Jason....but Jared?......hmmmm......I guess I better rethink that!!

It was a crazy week.  We were tired and not looking forward to that 12 hour ride home.  The best part of that.....I didn't have to drive at all!!!!  So nice having children who drive!!!

So, here we are at home and summer starts.  Below is a video I took tonight of the family having some fun.  Also, in the video is our newest member of our family...Lily.....a story on her later!


GrangerBaxters said...

Ok, this stinks. I was able to read your blog without the pit of my stomach bothering me. Well, that's over now. Maybe we WON'T come to see you after all.. Just kidding, Becky and I are having a meeting in two weeks at the pool to firm up our plans!!!

Becoming Me said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation!

shell said...

It was SO great to see you. I made chicken and noodles that night in honor of you. :)

Schellhases said...

Ahhh, Lily... We really enjoyed getting to see her at home with you guys and your note made us all feel really good, especially Steve's quote. We are very happy that she has such a wonderful new family.

And, we're glad you're back!