Sunday, February 17, 2008

What is it with women and scales?!?!?!

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Steve and I joined a new gym that opened down the street from us.  It is awesome and cheap....two great things!  Anyway, we have been very dedicated to going for over a month now.  We work out 6 days a week on cardio and then do weight lifting on the nautilus every other day.  We are NOT slacking off and to be honest have been working very hard.  I hate every minute of it.  But what keeps me going is the accountability of my husband (we go together) and the future goal of losing weight.  

So, you guessed it, every morning I step on those scales to see just how many pounds have flown off of me.  Here is the problem.....after over a MONTH of working hard....not ONE pound has flown off!!!!  Not one!!!  Every morning I wake up so sore, but know it will be worth it as soon as I step on that scale....ya, not so much!  

Now I "know" that I am building muscle with the weight lifting and muscle weighs more than fat and I "know" that I am getting healthier and am sleeping better and I "know" that I am losing inches because my clothes fit better...but doggonit (sp?) a women needs to see that dial move!!!  One pound would be fine, but I need to see it the LEFT!!!  I thought that surely it must be broken....then I weighed myself at the gym....not broken.

I got up this morning, after a very rigorous workout yesterday, to the scale telling me that I GAINED 2 pounds.  That's it.  I am ready to get rid of the thing, only my husband likes it (of course because he sees movement).  So I have made a commitment to a friend to not step on the scales for 6 weeks!!!!  She is holding me accountable.

.........let me just tell you that there better be some movement by then!!!


Kelley said...

LOL I laugh only bc I totally understand. You do know muscle weighs more than fat, right? I know, I know, that never helps me either.

Keep going Sarah! You look great. Now I just need to follow your lead.

spurgwife said...

PUH-leeze. I don't even own a scale anymore. Of course, I am SURROUNDED by them at work. BUT, they are all in very public areas. Ain't happening. Motivation is the key. That's not happening either.