Thursday, February 21, 2008

Too funny and too true!!!

In honor of my last post, I just couldn't resist sending you to this video.  Enjoy!  P.S.  if you're not a babyboomer, you won't get it! ha!


BeverlyDru said...

Saw your post in Lysa's Muffin Top Club. That obviously struck a chord with lots of us. After visting your blog I thought, "I know her!" I totally related to your post about the zero weight loss. That's where I live. But we must carry on the fight! ARGHH.
Well at least we have a club that is fun.

Christine said...

Sara, I just wanted you to know how much your comment encouraged me today. It helps to hear such kind words. It reminded me that God chose me for them - and He never gets it wrong! Right?!
Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! God bless you and yours.

Mark W said...

You are right! That video is way too funny!!! :)